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May 3 2013

It was a dramatic improvement in the dogs behavior. It was unbelievable.

Melissa Chase
Borth Fort Myers

May 2 2013

I definitely saw noticeable results by the end of one, two hour lesson. I was amazed at how fast both dogs responded after just one session. The methods are very much natural and pleasing. I can't believe how much control I have over them. I con't believe how much we all learned just during the first session. Truly an enjoyable time for all. I have already recommended Bark Busters of Fort Myers. My neighbors have noticed the difference with my puppies and commented on how well behaved they now are.

Peg MItchell
Bonita Springs

April 30 2013

Patrick was very fun to work with and explained the "why" behind every technique. We can tell our dog understands us much better. Toby is already more relaxed and better behaved.

Stephanie & Jon Lambert
Bonita Springs

April 25 2013

Patrick took his time to go over the prior training experiences I had been through and the differences of the Bark Busters training. I confess to having been extremely doubtful that yet one more training approach would resolve my training issues - it was just short of a miracle to see my abilities and my dog's behavior change. Having used many different training techniques learned from classes, Bark Busters seemed to be the most natural for me to use and for my dog to understand. I've gone through quite a few different training courses which helped but did not allow for me to see such a change. I absolutely recommend Bark Busters of Fort Myers. The results speak for themselves. Patrick was wonderfully patient and understanding of what for me, had been a very stressful and lengthy attempt to remedy the issue I had been trying to resolve with my dog. The Bark Buster techniques and his optimism made me feel as though I would finally be able to move forward with the proper tools and understanding to correct and manage the behavior.

K. C.
Fort Myers

April 19 2013

Daisy had her world rattled. The method used by Bark Busters of Fort Myers is very natural. Patrick has a good sense of humor too. We recommend Bark Busters of Fort Myers especially with problem dogs.

Carol & Greg Barkauskas

April 17 2013

Bark Busters is very easy. Very good results after just one, two hour lesson. The natural methods work for my dog and me. Both my wife and I found after Patrick left, the dog knew who was in charge. We would absolutely recommend Bark Busters of Fort Myers because in a short amount of time we saw a big change in our dog's attitude. I will be calling Bark Busters of Fort Myers again when we return to Fort Myers.

John & Carol Lightbody
North Fort Myers

April 17 2013

Bark Busters of Fort Myers really works! Patrick was very informative and really helped us with our dogs in an easy to learn way.

Jeanette & Benny Quinones
Cape Coral

April 12 2013

Patrick's explanations really helped me understand the Bark Buster process. Bark Busters makes sense and is very humane. The Bark Buster method is an incredibly helpful technique. I knew I needed to be the one to change, I just didn't know how to get to that point. Bark Busters got me there quickly.

Jodi Hynes
Fort Myers

April 8 2013

Bark Busters is very interesting and easy to understand. Bark Busters delivered amazing results! The method is so simple for myself and my puppy. Patrick Logue is a very pleasant, helpful, informative, professional and very good at training.

Kay Ames
Cape Coral

April 2 2013

Bark Busters WORKS! It was amazing how quickly my dogs responded. I've never been able to have the front door wide open without my dogs running out. I am pleased and impressed. With Bark Busters I could feel in control and not be physical with my dogs like with other trainers I have used. We worked for a good two hours, but time flew by. I recommend Bark Busters of Fort Myers because it works, the techniques were easy to learn and my dogs responded even after Patrick left. My family now feel comfortable with my Bruno, a Pit Bull, and aren't suggesting I get rid of him anymore.

Julie Cole
Bonita Springs

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