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May 18 2012

Patrick was great! Bark Busters offers and delivers humane training to pets and their owners.

Rob & Anita Eisner
Fort Myers

May 15 2012

The trainer, Patrick Logue, was excellent and I observed noticeable results then and now.

Peggy Laz

May 11 2012

Excellent. 5 Out of 5!

Caroline & Mickey Clay
Lehigh Acres

May 9 2012

Amazing results in just hours. Patrick Logue is a great trainer. I loved the products Bark Busters promotes to assist with training.

Jessica Masters
Fort Myers

April 25 2012

Patrick Logue, our Bark Buster trainer, was very clear and thoughtful. The Methods used by Bark Busters are in a word, amazing. Maverick, our Golden Retriever, was quite responsive. He paid attention to Patrick first then to us! The techniques are quite humane, quite a change from the prong collar we were used to as recommended by other trainers. The method makes sense! Seeing the world through a Maverick's eyes makes it easier to understand his behavior.

Susan & Jeff Cellmer

April 24 2012

Truly amazing to see our dog transform in just a few minutes. Bark Busters is very easy to understand and we saw improvement right away. Bark Busters is truly amazing! Patrick Logue was excellent, very knowledgeable and patient. Patrick has given our family back the dogs we have always wanted.

Amy & Taylor Kochosky

April 18 2012

Excellent. 5 Out of 5.

Steven Canton
Fort Myers

April 18 2012

It really works! The lesson was very informative and simply put in a way that was easy going and friendly. Danny, my older Miniature Schnauzer, walking calmly and quietly even when he saw another dog and several people. The methods make a lot of sense. When you think about it, you say, why didn't I think of that? Patrick Logue with Bark Busters made the lesson easy to understand what we had to do and what we should not do. Patrick is amazing. He is patient, especially with me and so very helpful always answering my emails quickly and in detail.

Debbie Peters
Fort Myers

April 14 2012

Patrick Logue, our Bark Buster personal trainer, was very clear about explaining how our dog thinks and related Duke's behavior to our lives in a simple way. By the end of the two hour session I felt like I had control. I felt like we had a new dog! Patrick Logue taught us the Bark BUster method and we were able to speak Duke's language, dog. Bark Busters is all natural!

Brooke & David Michie
Fort Myers

April 12 2012

In two short hours there was marked improvement.

Sandie Tsokalas
Cape Coral

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