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November 9 2011

We saw results during training and the methods seem to be very effective.

Angela Butts, DVM

November 9 2011

Bark Busters' training was the first time dog training made sense. We have had three other dogs who all went through training, but not like Bark Busters. Within minutes our Cali, a Labdradoodle, was not longer rushing the front door when the doorbell rang. After just one lesson she seems less stressed and had a very long nap after the initial lesson. The techniques made sense and the approach was very interesting and enjoyable. At first I was nervous, but Patrick was so helpful. I have already recommended Bark Busters and look forward to having visitors coming to our home and enjoying our walks with our "new" dog!

Jean & Terry Hayner
Cape Coral

November 4 2011

Easy training and excellent results. The results are so good they are unbelievable.

Nadia Shonting

October 20 2011

Excellent! 5 Out of 5!

Cheryl & Doug Picker
Cape Coral

October 15 2011

We recommend Bark Busters!

Bernie & Linda Lowe
Fort Myers

October 15 2011

During the first training I immediately saw results as my dogs not only began obeying the trainer, but also ME! The techniques are nothing out of the ordinary, just correct and efficient and the right techniques for my dogs. I enjoyed learning and seeing my dogs change in a positive way. I would highly recommend Bark Busters to any acquaintance with problem dogs and who want to see improvement in their own home.

Cape Coral

October 7 2011

Patrick Logue is a great trainer. He held our hand through the process and explanation of the Bark Buster method. We saw noticeable results within one, two hour lesson. More importantly, those results continue long after Patrick has left our home. It was nice to see that treats were not necessary for a well behaved dog. Patrick also made the lesson a fun and enjoyable experience. Even though we had gone through group training lessons we felt Bark Busters was THE best real training we have ever seen. Patrick was very knowledgable and we saw our Lab's behavior change right away!

Steven & Rebecca Caro
Cape Coral

September 30 2011

The techniques explained made sense from the dog's perspective and a human perspective. My dog, an Italian Greyhound, was no longer jumping up by the end of the session and the techniques really got his attention. Bark Busters provides a good training experience with steps that are easy to follow. Bark Busters really helps you work with your dog in a way that is more natural to the dog.

Lisa Prasad

September 27 2011

Excellent! 5 Out of 5! We saw noticeable results with our dog within just one, two hour lesson.

Susan Fahs
Bonita Springs

September 26 2011

Great job by Patrick and Bark Busters! It was a very interesting experience. Patrick is a great guy and task oriented. We saw noticeable results with our barking Bichons in just one, two hour lesson. We recommend Bark Busters.

Mary & Bob Nies
Fort Myers

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