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July 21 2011

Patrick Logue was excellent. His manner, his thoughtfulness and his patience make him excellent. He was so easy to understand as was the Bark Buster method. We saw noticeable results within just one, two hour lesson. Bark Busters delivers easy techniques, fast results and wonderful therapists.

Janice & Tom Koelfgen
Fort Myers

July 7 2011

Patrick Logue with Bark Busters was very articulate. His analogies made the techniques taught by Bark Busters very understandable. Everything Bark Busters teaches makes absolute common sense.

Ed & Marlene Lyons

July 3 2011

We have tried all sorts of methods to train our two, five year old dogs and nothing was working. Hiring a trainer was our last resort. Bark Busters was the only company my veterinarian recommended and I see why! I love that the Bark Buster method is so easy. By the end of the training my two small dogs were behaving and responding so well! It was amazing! I am very pleased with the natural training techniques. I am not rewarding with treats or having to use mean discipline. My family and I had so much fun learning how to "talk" to our dogs. Patrick made the whole lesson enjoyable! I would recommend Bark Busters to anyone that is need of a trainer. It was very easy to follow, you see immediate results and the cost is affordable. I wish we would have hired Bark Busters years ago!

Dawn & Greg Scalogna

June 29 2011

I was amazed on how quickly we were properly communicating with our dog on a level HE understood. The Bark Busters method is the one that works, that's why we recommend Bark Busters.

Claire & Ronald Dukeshire

June 29 2011

Two other trainers recommended simply getting rid of one of our three male dogs to solve the problems we were experiencing, we did not consider this a viable option. Patrick Logue with Bark Busters never even entertained that option. He made us feel confident we could solve our dogs issues with consistent training. WHAT A RELIEF! The Bark Buster method was explained in a way that was easy to follow and understand. By the end of one, two hour lesson all three of our dogs were walking correctly on leash and answered the front door with manners. The methods are simple, effective and easy to implement. Patrick Logue is excellent. He acts professional yet friendly and has a great sense of humor.

Jessica & Jay Berube
Bonita Springs

June 26 2011

Bark Busters and Patrick Logue are great! He is very thorough. We anticipate great results!

Michelle & Paul Cook
Fort Myers

June 26 2011

We highly recommend Bark Busters. We are bonding with our dog much better. The very next day, barking was minimal, YEAH!! Patrick Logue was wonderful and taught us how to train ourselves as well as our dog. The results are immediate. The Bark Buster method is excellent. We liked not using food treats and did not feel a physical approach is appropriate.

Brenda & Mark Loffredo
Cape Coral

June 5 2011

Bark Busters is gentle and the affects are immediate! Patrick is a great guy to put up with the the drool from my Jake, a Great Dane.

Linda Wyman
Cape Coral

May 29 2011

I felt semi-weird barking at my dog, but it works! I recommend Bark Busters.

Stacey Cline, Veterinary Technician, Mission Hills

May 29 2011

I feel more confident handling my Shih Tzu, Dude! I saw noticeable results by the end of one, two hour lesson. I recommend Bark Busters.

Don Oglander

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