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March 28 2010

Excellent! 5 out of 5!

George Papageorgiou
Fort Myers Beach

March 28 2010

Excellent! 5 out of 5!

Chris Reese
Lehigh Acres

March 28 2010

I was very pleased with the immediate results achieved with the simple training techniques.

Mike Everett
North Fort Myers

March 17 2010

Bark Busters has provided great follow-up with phone calls and e-mails after the initial lesson. The results were miraculous! We could not imagine our 2 dogs could be trained to modify 3 problem behaviors in one lesson. The natural techniques feel a little funny, but the techniques are absolutely effective. Patrick was up for the challenge and engaged us to train the dogs properly. He proved that the Bark Busters method of training works and reinforced the method with us. I have raved about Patrick and Bark Busters to friends, neighbors and my own business clients. Upon reflection, the techniques make perfect sense, but without your help, we never would have figured it out. Most impressive!

Judy & Ray Ford
Bonita Springs

March 15 2010

Our mouths were hanging open in awe at the end of the 2-hour lesson. We could not believe the results in just 2 hours. I was beginning to dislike my dog, but now after only 2 hours, I am in love again.

Karen & Bob Zima
Fort Myers

March 15 2010

Bark Busters and Patrick are very professional, friendly and thorough. Bark Busters helped me keep my 180-pound dog from rushing the front door in under 2 minutes. Bark Busters is not rough like other trainers I have met. The Bark Busters techniques make sense and are easy to implement.

Sandy Rositano
North Fort Myers

March 15 2010

Patrick explained the Bark Busters techniques thoroughly and was open to questions. Our dog was able to listen and act correctly to the training with us under the supervision of our trainer. We have a better understanding of our dog's behavior and how and why to apply the training techniques. We recommend Bark Busters because they are focused on working with you and your pet to provide the best results, and because of their willingness to help and encourage training.

Jeff Skupny

March 15 2010

Patrick explained the Bark Busters training techniques so well, they seemed effortless.

Nora & Carlos Rivero
Cape Coral

March 15 2010

I am looking forward to the process. I like the help that Bark Busters provides.

Molly Schaeffer

March 14 2010

I have so many friends anxious to see the changes in my dog. My dog's actions, and mine, will speak louder than words. We came across a small, untrained dog during our session, and my dog almost did not notice him. We saw noticeable results by the end of our 2-hour lesson. Patrick was so confident and personable. A pleasure to invite into our home. He was so professional, as well as entertaining and informative.

Marise & Welling McCabe

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