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March 15 2010

I am looking forward to the process. I like the help that Bark Busters provides.

Molly Schaeffer

March 14 2010

I have so many friends anxious to see the changes in my dog. My dog's actions, and mine, will speak louder than words. We came across a small, untrained dog during our session, and my dog almost did not notice him. We saw noticeable results by the end of our 2-hour lesson. Patrick was so confident and personable. A pleasure to invite into our home. He was so professional, as well as entertaining and informative.

Marise & Welling McCabe

March 14 2010

We would recommend Bark Busters because they (and Patrick) get results! Dusty no longer "rushes" the door barking madly. We wish we found Bark Busters before we spent a lot of money on programs that did not work.

Karl & Beverly Andersen
North Fort Myers

March 10 2010

I felt the techniques learned were practical and useful.

Amanda & Jon Lombardi
Fort Myers

March 8 2010

Patrick was entertaining and easy to understand. Our dog was very responsive to all of the training. Our dog used to only do things for treats, but we didn't want to be physical with her either. The Bark Busters training method was perfect! The training is easy, enjoyable and effective.

Adair & Daniel Bard
Fort Myers

February 27 2010

Simple instructions make such a difference!

Claire Jessup

February 27 2010

Patrick explained the techniques extremely well. Additionally, he explained the logic behind them, which made it very easy to comprehend and apply. My dogs (three of them) comprehended the guttural BAHHHH tones and the high-pitched ones to differentiate between corrections and praise. The natural training techniques made sense. Understanding pack mentality is key to training dogs from a human perception of relating as a dog. The lesson was very enjoyable, and I learned a lot. Patrick is an excellent communicator/therapist. He should be commended for doing such fine work. I think many dog owners are equally frustrated with unwanted behaviors, but do not understand pack behavior or dog communication. They may also not understand appropriate techniques (but Bark Busters can fix that).

Donna & Mike Roach
Fort Myers

February 21 2010

There was a marked difference in my standard poodle, Austin, in the first 12 hours.

Patricia Powers
Fort Myers Beach

February 21 2010

I like the theory behind the training techniques. I do think they will be effective as long as I can keep up with them. The training presentation was very well organized.

Ann & Jimmy C.
Cape Coral

February 17 2010

So interesting. It was enjoyable to see how my dog responded.

Charlotte Helling
North Fort Myers

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