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January 25 2008

I recommend Bark Busters because I like the training.

Sugar Akhter

January 25 2008

I recommend Bark Busters because it is definitely the best. The therapist, Patrick, explained the training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand and was very patient. Thanks (to Bark Busters) for taking the time to help us!

Jorge Araque, DVM
Fort Myers

January 25 2008

The trainer, Patrick, explained the training techniques in an easy to follow and understand. It is very simple and clear to both dogs and humans. We noticed results in less than 2 minutes! Talking to dogs in a language they already understand is absolutely the best way to train. We recommend Bark Busters because so many people send out conflicting signals to their dogs. Bark Busters is clear, easy and gets fast results. I was very concerned with the conflicts that were happening between my dogs. Patrick was sensitive to the safety issue.

Janet Bernier
Lehigh Acres

January 13 2008

I would have never thought it possible to see results in one session. We should have done this years ago. I have already recommended Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors. He (Patrick) was amazing!

Kit Chamberlain
Fort Myers

November 14 2007

I am extremely happy with the training that my dog has received. The change in behavior that I have witnessed in my dog is a miracle. My dog was a biter, barker and dominated me and the house. After the first session he was a changed dog. He did not bark at every little thing and he listened to me.

Karen Hamilton
Fort Myers

September 27 2007

Suki our Sheba Inu now walks on the leash without any kind of pulling. She has not jumped on anyone entering the house; she stays her distance until we say she is free. She no longer begs at meal time...she might stare for a minute and then leaves and sits in the living room. She does not growl or acknowledge

Barbara & Raphael Pastor

September 27 2007

We have two bichons that are 9 and 7 years old. I was concerned that it would be difficult for our dogs to change at their age, but I've learned through Bark Busters that "You CAN teach an old dog new tricks." Trying to break an old person of bad habits is much more difficult. It only took one lesson at the door for our dogs to learn not to bark like crazy and rush over to attack our visitors, which means that we can now invite friends to come over without embarrassment, but our guilt regarding all of the rule changes has been much more difficult to break. Not only are the dogs great at the door now (with just a warning given to them), but there are many other improved behaviors since the one training session. The dogs no longer are walking us and sniffing everything in sight, and if we see a neighbor or a person working, we are able to talk to them without trying to talk over constant barking. The dogs are also no longer waking us up in the morning. We determine when we want to get up, and the dogs are quiet until that time. A side benefit is that the constant licking and biting of their fur and skin has stopped. Bark Busters is truly a miracle for our dogs.

Stacy and Mike Sokol
Bonita Springs

June 23 2007

Photo of Randy Lander's dog

Wow! Bobby is a new dog and after only one day! He is a 7 month old Cavalier King Charles spaniel that is being trained as a Medic Alert Dog for our 7-year-old son. Bobby had two trainers before Patrick came to our home. We didn't use choke collars or other painful methods. Bobby always walked us and he would run out of the door of our house when it was left open by one of our three children. We are now in control; Bobby follows us when we walk him, he does not run out of the door, he sits, stays and does everything he is asked to. I know Patrick explained how this worked but until you have seen it you just can't believe it!!! And knowing Patrick is there if I get stuck on more advanced training is terrific!! Thank you Thank you Thank you, Patrick and Bark Busters!!

Randy Lander
Fort Myers

June 20 2007

We didn't notice a problem with our dog before it bit us in the butt...literally. My fiancee and I just bought our own house and, lo and behold, my wonderful rescue dog, Gordon, decided that he had to monitor the in's and out's of our house. Not allowing most people to move about freely, pinning them to the couch or the bed. The last straw was watching him take a nip at my fiancee's 4-year-old niece. Something had to be done...and SOON. I remembered Patrick coming into Harborside Animal Clinic where I work to introduce himself. I remembered what a friendly, knowledgeable and personable guy he was, so, I thought I should give me a call see what he thinks. Well he came over that week and taught me all I needed to know about having well-behaved dogs. Dogs with manners. There's no such thing as bad dogs, just dogs with no rules. Now that my dogs have rules, we live in a much happier household, and so far NO MORE NIPPING! We practice everyday, and it's obvious my dogs are much happier as well. Naples has been in need of a great trainer for quite some time, and I am glad that I can refer someone that I have full confidence in. Do not hesitate to call Bark Busters. It changed my life.

Jessica Liv Lahaie

June 20 2007

I have 2 miniature dachshunds who are known as the Barker Brothers by some family and friends. After having Bark Busters come over, I'm confident in saying we are well on our way to changing that moniker. I'm already seeing results after a few days! Thank you Patrick for giving us the necessary tools to become the leaders of our house.


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