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San Antonio | July 31 2007
I could not believe how much my dog changed and listened to me by the end of the lesson. I have tried others and Bark Busters is the Best! Permalink
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San Antonio | July 23 2007
Amazing and immediate results. I was never able to practice what I learned in books and watching "The Dog Whisperer" even though I felt I understood what I needed to do. The dogs (Nathan and Callie) and I would become extremely frustrated and quit ... they would continue to not come when called, pull on the leash during walks, lunge at others when on walks, bark whenever anyone walked by the house, etc. I was at a loss as to what to do. BARK BUSTERS to the rescue ...Phyllis and Jeff definitely love dogs (and dog owners!) and know exactly what to do. Understanding how to relate to my dogs on their level made all the difference in the world in their behavior. I realized that I was attempting to treat Nathan and Callie like humans instead of dogs. They both seem so much more relaxed knowing that they have such a strong pack leader in me ... my female dog (Callie), especially, seems to be much happier not having to be the leader of the pack anymore. Canine language is so simple and easy to learn with IMMEDIATE results ... no hitting the dogs, no yelling at the dogs, no bribing the dogs, etc. Just learning to speak on their level. I would certainly refer Phyllis and Jeff to anyone that I know. Permalink
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San Antonio | July 18 2007
Bark Busters methods seemed to work faster and better than any other training methods used prior to their session. I feel this method will really work with any dog and any problem. Permalink
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San Antonio | June 30 2007
The techniques are effective, easy to understand, and once you understand them - they work! Permalink
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Boerne | June 30 2007
A new insight and perspective on pack leadership and canine behavior. Permalink
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San Antonio | June 22 2007
Makes it easy to understand the dogs behavior and why I want to use the training techniques. Both dogs showed a noticeable difference. Permalink
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San Antonio | June 18 2007
I was amazed by the results in only a few hours. Permalink
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San Antonio | June 16 2007
I learned so much in such a short period of time. It's worth the cost; I know it will make our relationship wonderful. Permalink
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San Antonio | June 13 2007
I am impressed with the therapists keen understanding of our dog's temperament and personality. Permalink
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San Antonio | June 12 2007
Great training methods, easy to understand and implement. Permalink

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