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Kimberly M San Antonio, Texas | December 02 2016
Phyllis did an outstanding job. She quickly assessed my GSD issues and we jumped into training. The techniques were easy to follow and Phoebe responded exceptionally well. By the next day, her barking had almost completely ceased. She seems calmer and happier with my new role as pack leader. Our walks are much more pleasurable & her attitude has changed significantly. Thank you so much for your guidance and training tools! I am a true believer. Permalink
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Harry & Benay C San Antonio, Texas | November 10 2016
Charley was head of his puppy class several years ago, but had begun recently to "train us" and was not behaving well. Only one session with Phyllis made a HUGE difference. She educated us, and put us in charge of Charley's behavior. She made us the "leader of his pack!" What a difference! He now could likely be head of his class once again. We have used her technique on our Pug to help her stop barking at dogs on TV! We cannot tell you how pleased we are. Phyllis is GREAT and we heartily recommend her to anyone needing to learn to be "leader of the pack" for their dogs. Permalink
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Jacques M San Antonio, Texas | October 02 2016
We were very overwhelmed after adopting 2 dogs at the same time. They were high energy, destructive, and non-responsive to us. We were very concerned that we would have to return one of them. For us, that had to be the very last option, so we contacted Bark Busters based on their online reviews. We have seen a remarkable change in our dogs in the first week after our training session with Phyllis. Our dogs are manageable and enjoyable. We can't believe the difference one training session has made and are excited about the ongoing progress. Permalink
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McKenzie S San Antonio, Texas | September 15 2016
Phyllis was amazing to work with. She was so patient and understanding of our dogs and our situation. She addressed all of our concerns and followed up appropriately. We would recommend her and Bark Busters. Permalink
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Carolyn B Rio Medina, Texas | August 07 2016
We had gotten to the point where we dreaded to hear the doorbell ring. Suzy barked loudly and unceasingly. Even if we put her in her crate she barked and tried to "dig out" for the duration of the visit. We knew we had to something - it was literally a quality of life issue for us and for Suzy. We are so thankful we found Bark Busters and Phyllis. During her first visit, she explained the "pack" mentality to us. We realized Suzy was actually the leader of our pack and she felt she needed to protect our home. Phyllis showed us techniques to practice to overcome the "front door" problem as well as other problems we have. We were astounded to see results during the very first session. We do our "homework" daily and are seeing positive results. We were afraid Suzy would not respond well to training, but she loves the attention, and we think she is actually a happier dog because of it. We know that it will take time and lots of practice to overcome the problems we are having, but now we are very hopeful that we can do it. Thank you, Phyllis!! P.S. Money very well spent. Permalink
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Winifred B Canyon Lake, Tennessee | August 03 2016
The trainer was very clear on all the instructions, with strong reminders that it is really important for us to follow through on a consistent basis. Permalink
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Robin H San Antonio, Texas | July 23 2016
I was amazed how quickly my dogs responded to the techniques Phyllis taught us. We saw remarkable results in just a few hours. I'm confident we'll be able to eliminate our problem issues. Permalink
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Megan C San Antonio, Texas | July 03 2016
My husband and I were very hesitant about training for 2 reasons: 1. our dog was not exhibiting serious problems 2. we were on a very tight budget. When we contacted Bark Busters we immediately received a friendly & informative phone call. We felt like we were properly guided in choosing what training package best suited our needs as opposed to being pushed into purchasing more than we needed & could afford. When we met Phyllis, we immediately saw a response in our Great Pyrenees puppy. He was more responsive to commands so quickly into our session. As we worked with our pup between lessons, we continued to notice very positive changes in his mood & overall bond with us. Phyllis made everything so understandable for us and was always quick to respond to any questions we had in between lessons. Bark Busters is fabulous!! Not only is our sweet puppy progressing in his training, my husband and I also feel like we received training in how we lead and interact with our dog. Bark Busters truly empowers you to have the best relationship with your canine. We couldn't be happier with the process, the results, & the price! Permalink
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Jodi P San Antonio, Texas | April 22 2016
I love Phyllis - she is doing a great job training us :) You can tell she loves what she does. Love the techniques, they are not treat driven. Great program! Permalink
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Mary C San Antonio, Texas | March 25 2016
We have a different puppy now. A huge change in one day. Permalink
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