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March 20 2013

Rebecca Jones dealt with: Barking at people, dogs, animals, birds or where the dog barks for attention or at the slightest noise Pulling on the Lead

The techniques are quite simple yet so effective! Rebecca did a great job of demonstrating and explaining. We observed noticeable results from the very first minute we applied the leash-walking techniques. We are big fans of the no touch, no treat training methods as we think it's in our dog's best interest. Rebecca is very friendly and her love for dogs makes training enjoyable. She also motivates us to keep up with the training on a daily basis. We would recommend BB to anyone who owns a dog and wants to change their dog's unwanted behaviors. We learned a lot from Rebecca. From the start we noticed positive changes and we are moving forward with training.

Emily and Nathan C.
Dallas, Texas

March 2 2013

Quick results with both the stubborn and more submissive dogs of household. I found the nutritional aspect a new, interesting aspect of training. Smart idea that require no physical acts on the dog and minimal treats, patient-respectful-kind trainer.

Katie G.
Dallas, Texas

September 21 2012

Photo of Diane & Bruce Phillips's dog

Rebecca was very clear and easily answered all of our questions. The "Bah" made an instant difference. It makes so much sense to communicate with the dogs in their own "language". I like not having to touch my dogs to communicate with them. The 3 hours went by so quickly! This training has helped me be a better pack leader and enabled me to develop a closer relationship with them!

Diane & Bruce Phillips

June 30 2012

Photo of Jackie Wohadlo's dog

I was impressed by the sustained attentiveness of my dogs without the use of treats. I was thrilled about that. I have always thought using treats, the way I have, does not really put me in a leadership position; so I was happy to learn you do not use them to train. I am having trouble with the "toss" correction, but Rebecca has worked with me on other ways to correct while maintaining that "element of surprise". I will absolutely recommend Bark Busters. I love that you all follow up on the clients. I received a card in the mail from Rebecca as well. I can tell you all really enjoy what you do. Rebecca shared a lot of insight with me. What she's doing really is giving me the confidence and support I need to keep at it with my dogs so I can give them a happy life.

Jackie Wohadlo

June 3 2012

Photo of Andrew Augustine's dog

Boomer has done a complete 180 degree turnaround since Rebecca's visit. He heels on the leash and is so much more calm and submissive in the house. My wife and I are the pack leaders now! If you want to learn the tools to make your dog a well behaved member of the family call Rebecca!

Andrew Augustine

May 19 2012

Photo of L. Kile's dog

Rebecca was very patient in her teaching. It was amazing how quickly she got the dogs attention. I love the no treat reward plan. It was fun and exciting to see the light at the end of the tunnel regarding Zoey's behavior. I have tried 2 other trainings with poor results - this is the best! Great experience!

L. Kile

March 24 2012

Photo of K. Sewell's dog

Best results in fastest time. Glad I called.

K. Sewell

March 16 2012

Photo of E. Cheng's dog

The philosophy of "pack-leader" is absolutely crucial & I am so pleased at the way Mrs. Jones was able to teach me that.

E. Cheng

December 20 2011

Photo of C. Daudelin's dog

Rebecca gave concrete suggestions and a clear plan really helped. Training doesn't come naturally or enjoyably for me, but this was the most enjoyable method I've been exposed to. Best training I've ever had for my dogs. I highly recommend Rebecca and Bark Busters!

C. Daudelin

September 21 2011

Photo of B. DeWitt's dog

So many parts (of the training) were so obvious once you heard them. But never thought of them on our own. We immediately noticed changes. The dogs instantly were submissive to Rebecca and then to us. I've been doing so much that stresses me and the dogs out. This is hopefully great practice for future children. I feel the sessions end too quickly, but only because I want to know more!

B. DeWitt

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