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April 17 2010

Richard and Vicki were wonderful. They answered all our questions and explained everything so even our 7-year-old understood. This is a great service. Worth the money. Much better than a class with many dogs and owners.

Doreen & Chris

April 8 2010

I had Maggie out for a walk on leash today on the Greenway path here in Middlebury. Coming toward us were two large dogs on leash, and the German shepherd started lunging and barking at us as they were approaching. Maggie started to react, lunging and snarling back. So I quietly took her aside, put her in a Stay (not a Sit, just a Stay), and calmly and in a low voice just kept repeating "Stay." She stayed, looked up at me the whole time, and didn't react to the dogs at all. Praise, praise, praise afterward. It works! Thanks to you.


March 18 2010

We began working with Richard and Vicki in May 2009 because our three-year-old border collie, Sundance (Bug), has anxiety and was quite fearful of just about everything. Richard and Vicki have been amazing, as well as patient, and the results are more than noticeable. He is a much calmer, less anxious dog, who is now able to enjoy walks in the park without constantly shaking or jumping at every little noise. I don't know what we would have done without their help.

Wendy & Stacy Coco
New Haven

November 24 2009

We are very pleased at how quickly we started seeing results! Thank you very much for all of your help!

Jordana and Jared

October 28 2009

Hi my name is Joe. I also went by Chance and other names. I was rescued by David and Lauri. I was terrorized as a runt of a pit ring I know nothing but to fight my way out. I hope that someone will look into my helpless eyes and see that there is more then a fighter, I'm a lover not a fighter. Richard saw that and also taught Lauri and David. I am Lauri, I was attacked by Joe. I did not want to give up on him and Richard helped, is now my best buddy. Sometimes love is not enough, you need BARK BUSTERS grrrrrrr!

Lauri Rose Sincavage
New Haven

September 10 2009

What a difference Bark Busters has made for our family! We are so impressed with the professionalism and customer service that Richard and Vicki provide. They always promptly return my phone calls and have been very flexible with scheduling. Our dog has responded really well to the Bark Busters approach. A happy, peaceful home is well worth the the time and energy we have put into dog training. Thanks so much for your help!!


April 1 2009

We found the training to be interesting, enjoyable and very productive. It was amazing how much was accomplished during our first session. We would absolutely recommend Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors and look to our future with great anticipation of unity in our home.

Al Popowski

April 1 2009

This is a very positive program and I like the concepts and methodologies used. It has been 4 weeks since the first session, and discernible, positive results are noticed. Vicki and Richard are wonderful, lovely guides.

Kathy Popowski

March 15 2009

Our animal hospital has been working with Bark Busters with excellent results. It is very easy to spot a puppy that is going to become an unpleasant pet without some intervention. Bark Busters techniques and well qualified trainers help these clients transform a troubled dog into a well-behaved pet making the bond with the owners that much stronger. We see the results firsthand as they come back to our office. Our clients and staff are extremely happy with our relationship with Bark Busters.

Lee Lipsitz DVM, PhD, Medical Director VCA Baybroo

July 27 2007

Thank you for coming down and helping with Rebel. We have not had any issues since you left on Thursday, he listens to us, when he takes something that does not belong to him he will come when we call and leave the item. And the muzzle is now put away for good. Even potty training is going much better!!!!!!

Dean and Elsje Trantum

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