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Derby | March 03 2011
The training is all natural with no harmful collars and training stuff. Permalink
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Woodbridge | March 03 2011
Vicki and Richard are a great help. I would highly recommend them. Permalink
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Hamden | March 03 2011
Bark Busters is helping us learn to enjoy our dogs instead of being stressed out all the time. Permalink
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New Haven | February 13 2011
I need to be in charge and it works. Excellent positive reinforcement for owner and dog. Makes me feel good and confident. Friendly and interested trainers. Results 1st visit with clear instructions - Cassie understands directions. I like the techniques used. Permalink
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Woodbridge | February 09 2011
I found the trainers thorough, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and patient. The entire training experience has been positive and beneficial and I am pleased with the results. Permalink
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West Haven | January 30 2011
We noticed results after the first session and have continued to see results with each session. Rich and Vicki are excellent. Not only do we like them, but so does Sebastian! Permalink
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Ansonia | January 05 2011
Yes, I observed noticeable results by the end of the training, which I didn't see with other training classes. The one on one is key. I started to see changes in my dog's behavior quickly-HUGE!! Great program! Trainers are very patient and easy to work with. Permalink
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New Haven | December 17 2010
I was pleased with the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters and the positive reinforcement and non-physical approach. Permalink
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Orange | December 07 2010
I didn't think my dog was trainable because she is very head strong. Richard and Vicki had her under control within minutes. I guess there is hope for her. Permalink
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Milford | November 10 2010
Good results after the first visit, hopefully that will continue and with visits and practice will yield permanent changes. Permalink

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