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Waupaca, WI | January 26 2007
Ruth Marquardt is an exceptionally caring and inciteful trainer. Her intervention helped us to end 4 years of dealing with a fearful and low-esteemed dog. Permalink
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Appleton, WI | January 26 2007
I have been a vet tech for 15 years, had dogs my whole life, and have done a lot of structured obedience classes and shows. Even with lots of exposure to dogs, I learned more in 3 hours than I almost have in 35 years. It was great! Permalink
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Appleton, WI | January 25 2007
It changed our social life! I have given 3 cards out already! Unbelievable - I now have my blinds open and the dogs don't bark at people, cars or animals!! Permalink
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Neenah, WI | January 25 2007
We've tried everything out there - shock collar, coins in a can, citronella collar, Bitter Apple spray, you name it. It's a positive training program and this worked! After the first session, Corky was a different dog! He's so relaxed now and so are we. Ruth's training was good for us and the dog! Permalink
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Appleton, WI | January 25 2007
We (observed noticeable results) as soon as she came in the front door. We both were very impressed. Molly was staying at the top of stairs Halloween night. So very happy as I didn't worry about her running out the door. Permalink

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