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July 27 2009

We are so happy with Bark Busters. We tried other training systems for our active 7-month-old Weimaraner, and while we made some progress with them, it was not what we expected. After less than a month of using Bark Busters, our puppy is behaving much better. Even visitors to our home comment on the difference. He still has his puppy issues, but he is learning quickly. The training techniques (and not just for barking) are something even our children are able to use effectively. After just one visit with our trainer, our dog stopped rushing the front door at the sound of the door bell and jumping on anyone who entered. He is doing well in all of his other training areas, too. Our trainer, Scott Schwab, is top notch. He definitely knows his stuff and makes himself readily available for questions I have and to help me improve my abilities with our dog. He is patient (with me and the dog) and he teaches the techniques in ways that are easy to both understand and execute. I highly recommend Scott as a trainer. Thanks to him, we have gone from frustrated owners to proud puppy parents.

Julie Brooks

June 6 2008

Hi, Scott! ~ I just wanted to tell you that Tim and I (well, mostly me), have been working with Murphy on his growling issues. I have taken him to the parks where there are kids, kids in the cul de sac, people at the front door, around the front yard with people around....any place I could and used your technique to "control" him, and he has responded wonderfully! ~ He's such a good boy! Your technique even works when he's in the car and I see him focus a little too intensely on someone on the sidewalk or something. I 'bah' and he immediately responds...before he does anything. We have a friend who Murphy has never liked, and now there are no problems and Murphy actually likes him to pet him. ~ The big test was when we had a graduation party for Tim's daughter. We each kept one of those chain packets in our pocket just in case. There were lots of people, and lots of little kids. We worked with him before the kids got there so he got the message, and he was the best dog! :)) He did not want some of the kids to pet him...he just got up and went someplace to lie down. We kept a close eye on him just in case, and gave him a 'bah' when he got too close to the food. He did start to bark at one man who he didn't know, but I was on the spot and threw the chain down with a 'bah' and he put his tail between his legs and went to lay under the table. I told him he was a good boy and he came out a little tentatively, but he was fine after that. ~ I am so impressed! I can't think of anything else to work on!

Libby Butler

October 15 2007

Automatic instant results!! Thanks, God!! It's like heaven!

Kristin Mathos

October 15 2007

Its nice that Scott has a natural way with dogs. Scott made it enjoyable and at a pace that was easy. After one visit I can see changes.

Tracey Hough

October 15 2007

I'm just amazed at how well the training worked and how easy it was to implement. Scott was very supportive and encouraging. Unbelievably quick, instant results.

Karla Suarez

October 15 2007

Scott was an excellent trainer, his examples to everyday life situations were calm proactive and effective.

Megan Erpf

October 15 2007

I saw amazing improvements in less then one hour. We've spent months with other trainers that we failed with. I'm thrilled with the methodology!

Becky Bradshaw

March 31 2000

Scott Schwab dealt with: Aggression to a dog or other animal or where the dog is aggressive to the owner or a stranger Barking at people, dogs, animals, birds or where the dog barks for attention or at the slightest noise Jumping up at visitors or the dog jumps up at people on walks Pulling on the Lead

We have a brand new dog.

I honestly can't believe the changes that were made with our dog in such a short. Of time. He was horrible on the leash and had incredibly aggressive behavior towards anyone coming to the door. Literally within one hour we had learned techniques that have transformed him into a dog that we, at times, thought we might have to get rid of to and Incredibly well-behaved. The training is clear, concise, very thorough and He makes himself available whenever you need follow-up help. I will never get another pet without using him to help. I cannot say enough about this service. Anyone with a dog who barks too much, is too aggressive, pulls on the leash, or anything else that you need to correct should call them immediately

Samantha Y.
Denver, Colorado

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