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June 1 2011

Photo of Willis Harvey's dog

I'm very satisfied with the training that I got from terry and when ever I have had any problem with my jrt terry has always been there for me and my mom. But her training is exceptional in all ways. My dog is happier and more disiplined. But he still has a hard head. Kinda like his owner in some ways. I WENT TO TENNESSEE FOR ABOUT 2 MONTHS AND TERRY WATCHED MY DOG FOR THAT TIME BECAUSE MY MOM COULDNT HANDLE HIS LITTLE BUTT. AND ONCE AGAIN TERRY WAS THERE TO SAVE THE DAYS OF THE MONTH. So from the bottom of my heart I thank you Mrs. Terry Nickerson for all that you have done for me and ma.

Willis Harvey

May 22 2011

Have had dogs all my life. Learned a great deal from first session.

Joe Panackia
Merritt Island

May 22 2011

Especially enjoy the bi-weekly walk in the park.

Ed & Winnie Wright

February 23 2011

I was very impressed with the personalized evaluation of my dogs' behavior issues and look forward to starting with the program.

Nina Zimm

February 1 2011

First visit very informative, gave exercises to train our dog on specific fear issues. Waited until second visit to fill this form out, after we had implemented exercises, which were successful! We are looking forward to expanding our training, implementing Terry's suggestions. Terry's suggested training exercises for our dog's fear issues have had excellent results in the 1st week. Having a trainer over, as an unbiased observer helped my husband and I unite in our training techniques instead of questioning our decisions. This translated our "united alpha" state to our dog who had been fearful and shy. Thank you, Terry for your help!

Mike & Kim Hartman

September 1 2010

Terry's explanations of why dogs do what they do and what they are thinking was very eye-opening. There were lots of "Ah Ha!" moments ("So that's why he did that"). Winston and Sophie both responded well to Terry's instructions. It was easy to see how commands spoken with the right tone of voice and posture were the right way to go. In less than a week, my dogs are already listening to me better and our relationship has gotten stronger. I really like the in-home, one-on-one training. I feel like the information sinks in better with that personal attention, and I got all of my questions answered without feeling guilty for usurping the trainer's attention. I'm just sorry I didn't call Bark Busters when I first heard about them. However, even my 11-year-old Lab is learning new tricks. The flip charts were helpful for backing up what Terry told me, and the handouts and homework assignments are great for reinforcing what Terry said and for reminding me of the details after Terry had left. It saved me from having to take lots of notes.

Diana Marchand

September 1 2010

Terry is very professional and knowledgeable. We didn't see noticeable results after the first session, but absolutely after 1½ weeks. Thanks to Terry, Oreo is on his way to being a gentleman instead of the dominant, crazy man we brought home from the shelter. It was necessary to change from past training using food, but yes, we are happy with the new (to us) techniques. The training experience was interesting. More enjoyable now that we have trained for 1 and 1/2 weeks and Terry has had time to begin to train us to train our dog! Yes, without a doubt, we would recommend Bark Busters! We rescued a 2-and-1/2-year-old male Great Dane from a local shelter. He was a happy, friendly guy but TOTALLY out of control. Terry Nickerson is a Godsend. Her input has helped us to better understand, not only the training, but our dog and what HE is telling US. That puts a whole new perspective on the people/dog relationship. We are happy and proud of the progress Terry has helped us to achieve and we are looking forward to working with her in the future to learn more amazing ways to help our Oreo and ourselves. Thank you Terry !! :=)

John & Sharon Zsido
Merritt Island

July 19 2010

Terry was very kind and caring. She spent many hours in person and on the phone assisting us.

Denise Santi
Cocoa Beach

July 14 2010

Terry is an excellent trainer and an asset to your company. She made us all feel comfortable and that we could be successful.

Don & Sandy Philp

June 11 2010

Terry has many tips to try-not just one solution. She truly cared about my dog's progress and was encouraging every step of the way.

Lori Gross

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