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February 11 2009

My neighbors think I have a new dog because when we take a walk, he is calm. We walked by two strangers and he ignored them!

Janice Basile
Satellite Beach

February 4 2009

Terry took the time to explain and demonstrate as needed. Very helpful. We, as owners, had more confidence in what needed to be done and how to do it properly. I think Makani sensed that certainly (pack leader). The techniques seem to make sense, and Makani responded nicely. Terry was very patient with us. She answered many questions, brought understanding to issues and provided practice opportunities. The comfort in knowing we have a resource for any issues that may arise gives great peace of mind.

Marti McCoy

February 4 2009

Terry was wonderful!! She took the time to explain why our dogs were acting the way they were and addressed ways that we could better communicate. What we wanted was to understand each other better. Since our session, we have been doing much better and they are doing all our behaviors with us asking the correct way and them responding successfully. I feel that the frustrations on both sides are gone now that we are finally speaking the same language. Thank you, Terry!!

Dr. Kimberly Jennings, Young's Animal Hospital

November 25 2008

Terry's a great coach! Thank you so much for all of your help with Charley. We still have work to do but at least we have the tools together now.

Curtis and Julie Deily

November 17 2008

Within one day, recall was improved 100%. Barking problem improved almost immediately. Very pleased.

Connie Morris

October 30 2008

Terry not only explained the material but was able to relate the techniques to our specific behavior problems. Our dog is a "tough case," but he was definitely different after our first session. Even more noticeable results were ahead after the second session. The [natural training techniques] are simple and make sense. The first session was a little long, information overload, but it was all important and relevant. Terry really knows her stuff -- she is every bit as good as the celebrity dog trainers on television.

Marcie and Mike Katz
Merritt Island

October 25 2008

The dogs' responses were amazing! As veterinarians, we totally agree with the approach. Terry is a real asset to Bark Busters. We have several people that are waiting to hear our feedback. So far, it is a thumbs up!

Dr. James Kaseta and Dr. Janet Page, Seaside Veter
Satellite Beach

September 29 2008

Terry was very thorough and put me at ease instilling confidence. The results were amazing! The training was simple and I felt empowered. ~ I was at the end of my rope with my mini Doxie's barking. I live in a condo and she was scaring the other residents when we would go on walks. By the end of the first session with Terry, I was able to walk her and I was in control. The barking was almost non-existent and I no longer dread our twice a day walks. She is doing great and a much calmer dog!

Edie Brown
Merritt Island

August 14 2008

The first thing I would like to say is that I researched dog trainers on the Internet, I weeded through what I wanted and was left with a few choices. I knew I did not want a "doggy boot camp" where my dog was taken away for weeks to be trained. I did not want to bring my dog to a trainer. I wanted the trainer to work with my dog in my home so that they could see the behavioral issues we have been facing and to help us deal with these matters in our dog's environment. I sent out several emails inquiring to receive more information. One of the questions was "What is the best time to contact you?" I wrote my answer and that very same day I received a phone call from Terry about 5 minutes after "my best time." She introduced herself and explained who she was. She asked questions about my dog, and I voiced concerns I had. My concerns were numerous. I basically had no control over my dog. Within the past year I had noted behavior patterns that had gotten worse. His aggressive behavior to me was possible cause to have my dog euthanized. In as much as I cared a lot about the dog, personal and medical conditions prevented me from being as close to the dog as my husband. Our dog is part of his world and when I mentioned the possibility of putting Acen down, I nearly broke his heart. In reality I am not a person that would put a dog down for any reason unless physically terminally ill, but when a dog appears to be getting more and more aggressive toward visitors and now his owners, I needed to think that through. This to me was one last effort to save my dog and our family from going through all of that. He had by this time bitten quite a number of people, including me. I was honestly beginning to fear my own dog and more than that, fear him severely attacking someone one day. Not only would I feel tremendous guilt over that, but I would also face the possibility of losing my home. The initial phone call from Terry was informative, understanding, and I felt a connection, immediately. I said to her frankly, "I am willing to do this, but you must talk to my husband and explain to him the inconsistencies and the need to be consistent throughout this learning process. With that I handed the phone over to my husband. This caring, very professional woman spent 20 more minutes talking to him and he to her. We hired her on the spot. Kudos to Terry! I truly don't think we will every regret that decision. She never seemed to tire of our questions, sighting example after example, explaing to us that our dog really does not want the role of leadership, he had been confused because he was never given any. She told us in as much as we think of it as aggression, she has seen and worked with really aggressive dogs and our dog, through all she saw and heard, was more possessive and in reality she explained to us that each time the dog had nipped, and I will now say nipped because had the dog bitten, there would not have been a tiny mark and a drop of blood, there would have been a lot more. Each circumstance the dog gave warning signs, first a bark, then a growl, and finally came the nip. She taught us how to watch our dog and learn the signs even before they started (ears going up, body stiffening). She showed us ways to correct it before it started. This note could go on and on. I look at Bark Busters seriously and Terry as my savior right now...Our dog's savior. I have been a dog owner my entire life, and have never put a dog down except for terminal illness and preventing them from any more pain and suffering. I've had to do that twice in my life. One for my childhood pet, who we had for 17 years and the second time for my adult pet who had terminal cancer. Each time it broke my heart, I lost a family member. I am so thankful that Terry has shown me that with Acen it won't be necessary as least now for his behavioral problems. They are fixable but the training starts with us...the owners. My girlfriend in N.Y. had a Shitzu with similar problems. She paid triple the money we paid, and there was no benefit like your company provides. I can call Bark Busters any time should we and our dog need a refresher. Even if I move, they are located anywhere in the U.S., and will come to our aid free of charge. How much better can we do? There is so much more I can say and write, but lets face it, I would be writing a book. Thank you, Bark Busters, for offering this service and for having trainers like Terry.

Flo and Rob Chardavoyne

August 4 2008

Very impressed with the first few hours of training which had immediate results!

Pat Houston

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