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July 5 2008

Straight forward -- no nonsense. 100% turnaround in my dog's behavior by the end of the 1st session. Much better than using food as the incentive. I think both my dog and we have had an enjoyable time. Love the book -- especially the case studies. Thrilled with the immediate results and my trainer's follow-up.

Gary and Patty Harmon

June 4 2008

Terry is very patient and informative. Squirt is responding wonderfully, it is the rest of the family that needs the work. :-)

Debby Clark

June 2 2008

Several "problems" we discussed have definitely improved! As soon as my techniques improve, I'm sure results will follow. Thank you, Terry!

Dorrie Anthony

June 2 2008

Terry's advise allowed us to take control of the situation and helped Charley see us as pack leaders! ~ Improvement has been seen in walking on leash, not jumping up and not barking.

Carlos and Linda Davis

May 25 2008

Terry was very friendly and motivated. She was a pleasure to work with. There was a marked improvement by the end of the visit. This was one of the best nights I have had since Oliver was a puppy

Christina Reeves

May 13 2008

We were amazed that Brady stopped barking at Mike so quickly!

Mike and Sandi Meason
Port St. John

March 14 2008

Terry was precise and well-versed with the program. Dog was completely responsive to technique of the program from the beginning. We have a new dog!

Lee and Felice Anspacher

February 16 2008

Excellent service. Household stress level has dramatically reduced. Focus has changed from being angry with the dog, to being happy, petting, and praising.

Paul and Roberta Brooke

February 16 2008

Patient, explained well. I had a clear idea of what to do for my work with my dog during the week.

Chris Richards
Satellite Beach

February 16 2008

Photo of Roberta Brooke's dog

Terry has been extremely instrumental in making it possible for Jaegar to adjust and become a loving and well behaved member of our family. Jaegar is a 11-month-old Weimaraner that we adopted from a rescue organization. Previously, he had no discipline or correct socialization, basically living in crates or kennels most of his puppy life. We have had lots of dogs in our lives and thought we had the skills to cope with his behaviour problems, we could not have been any more wrong! Terry has trained us to communicate our wishes to Jaegar in such a way that he truly understands what we expect which has relieved us of a great amount of stress and has made him a much happier and well adjusted dog. Terry truly cares not only about the dogs but, the owners as well. The Bark Busters techniques really work! It is amazing!

Roberta Brooke

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