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January 19 2014

Tom Zebrowitz dealt with: Aggression to a dog or other animal or where the dog is aggressive to the owner or a stranger Barking at people, dogs, animals, birds or where the dog barks for attention or at the slightest noise Jumping up at visitors or the dog jumps up at people on walks Pulling on the Lead Toileting
Photo of John S.'s dog

Tom had his hands full with three dogs, two that have been brother and sister for 7 years and a new rescue that we got for Christmas. His communication, thoroughness, training, patience, and follow through have been nothing short of amazing. He is also a very enjoyable person to talk to and learn from.

I thought we would be able to fix some small problems however after a few hours my dogs were completely different and my house was so enjoyable. I was, and still am in awe at how much of a difference in quality of life it makes to have a well behaved pack of dogs! I wouldn't recommend anything else than Bark Buster's!!!!

John S.
Woodstock, Georgia

August 18 2012

Tom changed our lives on the first visit. we had rescued a dog very unlike the toy dogs we had previously had. we had him for about 6 mos. and we were his third home. he at times seemed out of control and at others was a very affectionate loving dog. we couldn't sleep mornings because he was up at 6 a.m. or so raring to go. he would jump on people if they came to visit and at other time barked endlessly, including at my husband when he came home from work. Tom showed us the techniques to use to get our dog to behave the way we wanted him to. It's been four weeks since Tom was here initially and we can now sleep in the morning. We can have people come to the door and he does'nt jump all over them. We are thrilled with the results and would recommend Bark Busters techniques to anyone with a dog. it even helped us with our 10 Yr. old Shih Tzu. God bless the Bark Busters and Tom.

Lois West
Powder Springs

June 17 2011

We got a 2 yr. old miniature Beagle from a rescue group five months ago. He came with a laundry list of issues - most of them manageable & some requiring great patience. When we brought our new Golden Retriever puppy home, things went from bad to worse. The Beagle attacked the puppy twice and his bad habits ramped up even further. Tom came to our house immediately and helped get things under control. After 4 sessions, the Beagle is like a different dog. We can't thank Tom enough for everything he taught us & most of all for keeping our puppy safe. We highly recommend him as an excellent dog trainer. We plan on calling him in the future if any issues crop up again. Thank you, Tom Zebrowitz!

JoAnn & Bob Caudle
Powder Springs

March 29 2010

Photo of Tom & Debbie's dog

Tom did a fantastic job with teaching us how to make our new puppies have a happy home. Tom spent a fair amount of training time with my wife and I until he was confident that we understood the importance of staying consistent with Max and Casey. They were only a couple of months old then, now they are a little over 5 years old, and we have received numerous comments on how well-behaved they are. Thanks to Tom from me, my wife, Casey and Max.

Tom & Debbie

December 15 2009

Photo of Philip, Kristine and Deuce Browne's dog

I can't tell you what a difference Tom Zebrowitz and Bark Busters has made in our lives. We were having "door aggression issues" and with a 170lb dog you can imagine how distraught I was becoming day by day. Then after an outside aggression issue that left us "quarantined," I did some research and decided to call Bark Busters. Tom called me right back and we talked for an hour. I never felt rushed, Tom's communications skills and knowledge of this training program are amazing. That very week Tom came out for our first lesson and showed us how to communicate with our dog. He truly is a different dog. We can actually get visitors inside the house and don't worry about having any aggression incidents. We have only been training for a little over 2 months now and although our boy is not an angel he is most definitely much better behaved and I am much calmer. I couldn't speak higher of a program OR a trainer. If you are willing to put the time and effort in I can honestly tell you that your household is going to be a much happier one! Thank heavens for Tom and the Bark Busters Program!

Philip, Kristine and Deuce Browne

April 12 2008

I can't say enough good things about Tom! His knowledge about dogs is incredible and he has taught me so much. When I adopted Sadie Sue, she was a very submissive girl and since I knew nothing about being the pack leader, my ignorance was causing her to be very uncomfortable and very stressed in certain situation. Having been hit by a car prior to me adopting her, she was very fearful of any moving vehicle or bike and drain ditches caused her great anxiety. After Tom came out and taught me the rules, everything improved almost immediately. Sadie learned to trust in me as the one in charge and in less than a year -- we were hopping in the car and hitting every park in the surrounding area. Today, I can enjoy Sadie's company on our walks without even having her on a leash. Thank you, Tom, for always being available to answer any questions that I have.

Kerry Bartone
Powder Springs

December 27 2007

We are very pleased with Bark Busters quality service, their techniques, and continued support. Having tried many different trainers, programs, and classes, we were thrilled to know about Bark Busters' lifetime guarantee. Tom has been a huge help to our family, is very flexible with our schedules, and a wonderful source of knowledge concerning overall pet care and health. We have two rescued dogs that are considered "bully breads" but Tom walked right in our home without hesitation and even brought his own pets over to assist in our training. We are very grateful to have found Tom and the Bark Busters training program.

Ashley Zimmerman and Sean Morrison

February 9 2005

It totally amazed me. Jake was very aggressive at the door, and when Jake and I were shown what to do he responded in minutes. I never thought he could be trained.

Pat K.
Acworth, GA

February 9 2005

The training was easy and effective. We were surprised that our dog responded so quickly to the methods. After 2 hours we literally had a different dog.

Kathy G.
Mableton, GA

February 9 2005

Tom was awesome - he had solutions to all my problems with my dog.

Jill M.
Atlanta, GA

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