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St. Petersburg | April 29 2008
The training is working out wonderfully. The concepts are straight forward and easy to execute. The practice is often the most difficult, but Bumples reminds me when we have not practiced enough by pulling on her lead or not coming when I call her. Thanks - I made a great decision/investment with Bark Busters. Permalink
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Palm Harbor | April 04 2008
Vito did an excellent job explaining the techniques to me as well as putting them into action. I have seen a great turn around in Harley and Zeus. They actually listen to me and we enjoy our walks now rather than it being a daily hassle. Thank you! Permalink
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St. Petersburg | March 31 2008
Vito is terrific! This is a wonderful investment! Permalink
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Seminole | November 16 2007
Vito has changed a stressed home into an informative, relaxing and enjoyable working and training atmosphere. We are reading and re-reading our outlines daily doing our scenes and also during our everyday routines. Thank you for the right training for Alex. Permalink
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Clearwater | October 22 2007
I want to thank you for the wonderful direction you put us in with Tyson. We have been practicing your instructions and using them on a daily basis. Tyson is making slow but good improvement! I would highly recommend Bark Busters and if I need some help with Tyson in the future, I will be calling. The lifetime guarantee is unbelievable! --Thank you so much! Permalink
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Clearwater | October 17 2007
I was very excited to start the program. We have four dogs to work with and we are seeing progress with all of them. Vito is very helpful and friendly. It is a pleasure to work with him. Vito has helped us to get my older dog to relax and not feel as stressed as she was. So far all is good. Thank you! Permalink
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Palm Harbor | October 09 2007
I cannot begin to express how pleased I was after just 2 hours. The therapist immediately put me at ease and made it so simple for me to follow his instructions. I saw great results after just 2 hours. At the age of 79, I found that I was not too old to learn also. It has been a wonderful experience. Permalink
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Holiday | October 01 2007
I never thought my dog would stop barking at the front door. After a few short hours, he was basically fixed. In the next few days, there were little to no corrections. This has made for more enjoyable evenings in the living room. Permalink
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Holiday | September 25 2007
Our trainer has been wonderful, kind and caring. Trying to guide us in the right direction with out 2 dogs who are really tough to deal with. Vito has been awesome with his help and advice. Permalink
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St. Petersburg | September 17 2007
I am amazed at the difference in my dogs' behavior after just one session. I feel as if Cesar Milan stopped by. This is worth the money. I only wish I knew of Bark Busters sooner. Permalink

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