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St. Petersburg | September 12 2007
Amazed at how quickly it worked. Vito was extremely helpful and professional. Permalink
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St. Petersburg | September 10 2007
Makeup: Chance, AKC white Lab, male, full alpha dog. Transition: He, Chance, didn't listen to anyone or anything except his own heartbeat. When Vito stepped in (we call him Uncle Vito), Chance's behavioral change was huge. I never thought Chance would sit, listen to commands, etc. Vito gave us the tools and information and guidance to prove to us this dog could change. His behavior is 100% better than the beginning. Thank God for Vito and Bark Busters. Thank you. Permalink
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Hernando, Beach | September 05 2007
Dexter is so much better behaved it is really unbelievable. It is like he suddenly understands what I want of him. He is so much calmer that he seems a different dog. Thanks once again. Permalink
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Holiday | August 28 2007
I was very impressed with the techniques Vito used. There was marked improvement in Bella's behavior. I realize it will take a while but at least it's not as hopeless a situation as we first thought. Permalink
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Treasure Island | August 18 2007
Buddy's an entirely different dog now that we've been taught to show him leadership. It's all in the training. Now he's pleasant, quiet and proud. It's actually fun to work with him and see him progress so rapidly. Vito was positive, patient and understandable with us all, a great experience. Permalink
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Holiday | August 01 2007
My husband and I were astounded by the progress made in such a short time. Gizmo is more obedient and seems much happier as well. We were afraid we would not be able to keep him, with his issues, but he is a new dog! Permalink
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St. Petersburg | July 16 2007
Very pleased with the session! There's no question that if suggestions are followed, any problems can be resolved. Fascinating psychology of both dogs and me--a life lesson for all of us. Also, follow-up with Vito has been excellent--always with perfect advice. Well worth our happiness and peace of mind. Thanks! Permalink
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Largo | July 01 2007
We were very impressed with how quickly our dog caught on and began to show improvement. Vito showed us that with a little patience and the right technique your dog will respond very well. Permalink
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St. Petersburg | June 30 2007
Romeo is an entirely different dog now. He is more calm and seems more secure in home situations as well as on our walks. He immediately responds to corrections and does exactly what is asked of him. We love the Bark Busters training! Thank you! Permalink
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Clearwater | June 26 2007
Tigger's happy and so are his parents! Tigger has manners! It's a miracle! Can't thank Vito enough! Permalink

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