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Romeoville | July 20 2011
Unbelievable results! We both were amazed and excited. Who thought our voices and body positioning held so much power? John Sullivan is a hero in our household. Our world has changed dramatically thanks to John, his methods and one Monday evening. Thank you so much!!! Permalink
Odessa | July 18 2011
I saw immediate response from my two boxers. Also impressed that they took their different temperaments into account. I set up another appt. for 1-1/2 weeks after the first. Jeff called in between to help and check up. I was very impressed. Permalink
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Alpharetta | July 18 2011
I've had a great experience with Bark Busters North Atlanta. Ryan is a professional and really knows how to help with any situation. He will teach you how to build a positive relationship with your dog(s) and get them to the next level of good behavior and obedience. It takes time and patience, but with Bark Busters on your side, you will have the tools and strategies you need to meet your canine goals! Highly recommended! Permalink
Upper Marlboro | July 18 2011
Sharon is beyond amazing. Satchmo is a challenging dog with a demanding personality who was causing a great deal of friction in my household. No one could stand to be around us because I couldn't control his unruly and demanding behavior. Sharon trained me to be "in charge" of the situation. It's hard to admit the dog was the boss but I let it happen and she showed me how to fix it before I ruined a good dog. Sharon was patient with both Satchmo and me until we could work together like a team then like a family. I hate to repeat myself but she is just amazing. Permalink
Moreno Valley | July 18 2011
Wendy Blanch was an amazing trainer! I was skeptical at first with her training techniques, but as time went on I saw improvement in my pitbull Rocko. She turned my aggressive pitbull into a nice and calm dog. Rocko has had social issues with people but with the lessons I have learned from Wendy, in 5 short weeks Rocko finally got to be around someone other than my roommates and I. I appreciate everything Wendy has done for me and Rocko, and the improvement he has made is unbelievable. Thank you so much Wendy! Permalink
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Roswell | July 16 2011
CHERYL ZANDER is fantastic! We have a new puppy and want to get him started on the right path. Cheryl came to our home and did a great job educating US first and then worked with Baxter. In the 2 days since our first lesson, he has really responded to the correction and praise components of the Bark Busters program. This tired new mama appreciates the results we have already seen. Cheryl is passionate about animals and understands how to help dog owners better communicate with and lead their animals. Anyone with a new puppy should certainly have Cheryl come out and start the training early. The best investment we have made in our puppy is to start the training BEFORE there are problems. Thanks Cheryl for your personal, committed, and already successful training of our puppy. We look forward to working with you throughout the life of our dog. Permalink
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Alpharetta | July 15 2011
I am very happy with the results with Bark Busters training methods. Ryan showed me how to remain calm and to utilize a hands free approach. He was nice and helpful and gave me hope. My dog is quite large and was really becoming uncontrollable. With good leadership and working everyday on improving the relationship I am now very happy. Permalink
Duluth | July 15 2011
Ryan was very clear and easy to understand. The instructions are simple and was able to see results right away. Our puppy starting learning right away and so did we. After working with Ryan during several in home visits our dog has become the mature dog we all hope he would be. Jake is Super now thanks to Bark Busters training techniques. Permalink
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Duluth | July 15 2011
Ryan's program talking about Bark Busters and how to understand canine body language was extremely informative and I learned a lifetimes worth of knowledge in one short hour. Everything was easy to understand and he covered many topics. The training methods are simple and I am going to tell others about Bark Busters. Permalink
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Riverside | July 14 2011
I wish everyone who is having issues with their pet could know about the fantastic work of Wendy Blanch at Bark Busters. I am so happy with the results in our dogs after just a few short hours of my family working with Wendy and our pets. We have two small ten pound dogs, a Maltese and a Malti-Poo, that had some very annoying habits. My husband and I spent three hours with Wendy and now just a few days later our life has changed dramatically for the better. Our two year old male Malti-Poo was a continual barker at anyone and anything that passed by our window or came into our house. He jumped on our guests legs and barked such a loud high pitched piercing bark when people came to the door of our house that I felt I should issue our friends ear plugs! Now after training with Wendy, he is calm sits quietly by the door and is a pleasure to be around. He also used to run frantically across our backyard barking for much of everyday. After training he walks calmly outside and gazes at people walking by without barking. My husband and I feel this is like a miracle that we wouldn't have believed if we hadn't witnessed it with our own eyes. Our Maltese had a cute habit of begging for a treat or attention by sitting up and waving her front paws at us or our guests which became very annoying because she did it constantly. After training she also is calmer and doesn't beg or wave at us throughout the day and we only give her a treat or attention when we want to. I am so impressed by Wendy's calm and knowledgeable personality and her way of training us. I was a second grade teacher for thirty plus years and I found through teacher training and experience what works best to introduce new skills to people. Wendy employs the "Best Practices" for teaching. She models the skill first, then gives instruction while we practiced the skill and then she watched while we independently practiced the skill and then gave us critique. My husband and I are extremely happy with our entire experience with the Bark Busters dog training program and we highly recommend it for anyone seeking to change an unwanted behavior in a dog. Permalink