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Mohsville | August 23 2012
The Bark Busters training gave us insight into how our dog perceives things. We were amazed at how quickly things began to change. I actually think the training put my dog at ease. I would recommend this to anyone-especially someone with a powerful dog! After experiencing a traumatic event involving our pit bull, we needed someone who could help us gain control and confidence. We have noticed a huge difference and have passed on the information to our vet. Permalink
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Northbrook | August 23 2012
I was very pleased with Brad's training skills and methods. The right trainer for "Charlie" who needed some behavior modification. Charlie responded well to Brad and is now a much better behaved dog. I would, and have, recommended Brad to friends and my vet. Thank you Brad! Permalink
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Molalla | August 23 2012
I found Dick Messenger to be extremely accessible - returning calls promptly and giving advice on the phone. Permalink
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Big Cypress Animal Clinic, Naples | August 23 2012
June and Colin are extremely professional and knowledgeable. They had (our pit bull) Murphy and our relationship summed up very accurately and quickly. I hadn't been able to walk Murphy without him pulling since he was a puppy. Even after one lesson, I was easily able to walk him with a Bark Busters collar. Also, Murphy didn't charge the door. We have had a different trainer in the past and Murphy listened to him, but not me (after MANY visits). The techniques work, and we are especially pleased with the Bark Busters collar because it doesn't choke. We both learned quite a bit, had fun and feel rewarded and excited to work with Murphy. Once neighbors see me walking Murphy without being pulled, and when Murphy doesn't jump on them any more, I'll definitely tell them about Bark Busters. Permalink
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Diane S grandville, Michigan | August 23 2012
Ken took his time and answered all of our questions. I felt such a relief after the first session! I have two 2 very well behaved dogs already! We were very happy that nothing was used with the training techniques to hurt or scare the dogs. I fee that I got a little insight as to how the dogs think. The techniques are simple but very effective! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Other, Pulling, Recall
Troy | August 22 2012
AMAZING!! Permalink
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Cape Coral | August 22 2012
I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters to any pet owner who is struggling with training their dog. Permalink
Channahon | August 22 2012
John was very clear on the training techniques and explained why they work. Both dogs were very attentive to John. They knew what he wanted and didn't want them to do. They understood his responses to their actions very quickly, as soon as he came into the house. I am absolutely pleased with Bark Busters natural training methods. I saw improvements quickly when I started using them. The training methods make complete sense to me, so they are easy to remember and use. The training experience was both interesting and enjoyable. In addition, it brought great relief. I was worried I couldn't work out the problems I was having with my dogs. John assured me things would be fine. I have been telling everyone about how wonderful the training experience has been for my household. I loved that John observed my dogs together. I had gotten a dog from the Will County Humane Society that had bitten my dog twice the first day. I had been keeping them separate since then. After observing the dogs together, John assured me I did not have to worry about the new dog hurting the older dog anymore. He was right! I was very impressed with how many things John could tell about my dogs while interacting with them. He assured me I would not have to worry about the dogs not getting along. I really needed to hear this and by the time John told me this, he had earned my trust. Permalink
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Jessica H San Antonio, Texas | August 20 2012
Very easy to follow; enjoyed the visuals. We learned a lot about how our dog views the world and how this relates to her behavior. We enjoyed the personal one on one attention. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Jumping up, Other, Pulling, Recall, Separation anxiety
White Settlement | August 19 2012
Nancy is wonderful! After only ONE visit, our two loving, yet overly-boisterous pit bull mixes showed marked improvement. She has helped me learn how to be a better pack leader. Every suggestion and piece of advice she has given me has been useful, straightforward, honest, and well-explained. Not only is she helping me teach my dogs, she is also teaching ME - and I'm the person who actually needed more training! Nancy is very approachable, extremely loving with our dogs, has great patience in explaining new strategies, is lot of fun, and has a relaxed, friendly personality. Give her a call - you will NOT be disappointed! Permalink