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San Diego | August 11 2010
I was very impressed with Justin and am happy I called him. When I brought my new rescue pup home, Pippin would bark constantly if I left the apartment, even for a few seconds. Within two days of Justin's visit, Pippin was showing about a 90% improvement. After a week, it was 100%, and we have no more problems with barking. The techniques turned out to be so simple and gentle, yet I would never have thought of them on my own. In our second visit, Justin answered many questions I had about dog behavior, and I felt more confident after our talk that I'm on the right track with my dog. This was money VERY well spent, and I have no regrets whatsoever about working with Justin and Bark Busters. Pippin and I both send our thanks! Permalink
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Pelham | August 11 2010
Mark explained the techniques in the context of the how dogs relate within the pack. This made everything simple, logical and easy to follow. I observed noticeable improvement in both of my dogs-instantly! I appreciate that the technique empowers you to be firm with your dog and that it is in no way cruel or harsh. The training sessions were stimulating and great fun. It is a simple, logical approach that works and requires very little additional training time-it's more an adjustment of how you relate to your dogs. Permalink
Dallas | August 10 2010
We asked our trainer where she hid our real dogs; the two we were walking were too well-behaved! Permalink
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Naples | August 10 2010
I am so happy and relieved - this is a miracle. Permalink
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Lehigh Acres | August 10 2010
From the initial phone call to the end of the session, Patrick was easy to understand and very helpful. We saw immediate results. The Bark Busters method is humane and very pleasing. It is also a very simple method when followed. Permalink
Warren | August 09 2010
Excellent education received by John in 2.5 hours. I like the "no hands" approach. [I] noticed positive changes in Zoey right away! Thank you again! Permalink
Royal Oak | August 09 2010
Many of the techniques brought IMMEDIATE changes and helped us feel confident and in control of our home! Permalink
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Woodbridge | August 09 2010
Pleasant experience with real results. Permalink
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The Villages | August 08 2010
Ann and Casey have helped my two dogs in several great ways. The classes they provide give you easy-to-do methods to help stop unwanted behavior and promote the obedience behavior you want. They provide a fun and stimulating class with an atmosphere of teaching, learning, and working going on by dogs and owners. The classes are small, and each dog and owner get great amounts of individual attention. I would very much recommend Ann and Casey. Permalink
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Cornelius | August 07 2010
I rescued a Dobie with only one eye-rescue said eye was put out in a dog fight! Ebony was very nervous and wanted to fight every dog we passed on walks. Bark Busters helped me understand what my dog was thinking and seeing on the walk and how to get Ebony focused on me so she could relax! Now we can both enjoy our walks! Great training! Permalink