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Schoolcraft | May 01 2013
Our 40lb dog, Sophie, was unpredictable with dogs and people. We were ready to put her down even though she is so sweet. Dr. Sauer at Schoolcraft Vet gave me a pamphlet on 'Bark Busters." After the 1st visit, Pam taught me techniques and explained how dogs think. There was tremendous improvement in three weeks. We will be able to work with Sophie and save her. Our 6 lb. Chihuahua, Izzie, would bark, growl, and nip at heels. She was so protective of me that no one would get near me without a growl. Pam pointed out that Izzie was in charge of our house and I needed to establish control. The technique Pam taught me took care of most of the problem in three weeks. I am looking forward to working on even more areas with Pam. Our lives are so much better already. Permalink
Tallahassee | May 01 2013
We started to see results after the first visit. We think that by following Leigh Ann's program and advice, our dog's behavioral problems will diminish if not disappear entirely. Permalink
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Ochlocknee | May 01 2013
Very enlightening conversation and analysis of problems with dogs behavior. Leigh Ann was awesome to work with. We look forward to acheiving success through this program. Permalink
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Collegeville, Pennsylvania | May 01 2013
Jeri had great suggestions for improving our dog's behaviors. She came into our home and made us all feel comfortable. Her expectations for training us were reasonable and effective. Permalink
Lauren W
Lauren W Pleasant Valley, New York | May 01 2013
We would absoluely recommend Bark Busters to any of our friends and family. Barbara is very professional and friendly, and makes the lesson an enjoyable experience for both the owners and their dogs. Permalink
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Bonita Springs | April 30 2013
Patrick was very fun to work with and explained the "why" behind every technique. We can tell our dog understands us much better. Toby is already more relaxed and better behaved. Permalink
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Bridgeport | April 30 2013
Luna was barking at every little thing, within 30 minutes of Mike's help, Luna calmed down stopped barking and jumping all over him. I look forward utilizing his method and changing Luna's behavior 100%. Permalink
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Joliet, Illinois | April 30 2013
Our dog Harley was a little more under control by the end of the first session, but we have a lot of work to do. The training was very interesting! I didn't realize all of the things we were doing wrong. We can't wait for our next session! Permalink
Michael & Linsey G
Michael & Linsey G West Bloomfield, Michigan | April 30 2013
JOHN WAS AMAZING: Fun, easy to talk to, great with the dog, explanations of techniques. Very easy to understand. We are extremely pleased! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Chewing, Jumping up, Pulling, Recall, Toileting
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Terry S Jacksonville, Florida | April 30 2013
Linda, i want to thank you again for helping with my dog Bullit. He has completely changed since our session. He is a complete joy to be around. i have Bragged about Barkbusters to everyone i know. I was thoroughly impressed with your training and results. Permalink
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