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Katie C Colorado Springs, Colorado | May 07 2013
Bennett seemed like a new dog after the first training session. I don't need treats to "bribe" my dog into behaving. I wish I had invested in this training long ago instead of spending hundreds of dollars to "fix" my dog's anxiety and unwanted behaviors. I should have called Bark Busters from the start. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Other, Separation anxiety
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Santa Monica | May 05 2013
From the first session I knew that we had found the right people to help us with the issues we were having with our puppy. Joe and Marci are both extremely patient, calm, compassionate and knowledgeable. They personalize each session and tailor make it to help you with any issues you might have with your dog. They are also personable and really pleasant to deal with. They know how to listen. I felt really confident from the moment we first started our sessions that we were going to have a great experience. We have one more session left and I am looking forward to it. They never rush you and always recap in an email to you after each session so that you can always refer to your notes. Anything you do not understand, you can either call them or email them and they are always happy to help or explain. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a dog trainer. Permalink
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vancouver | May 05 2013
Debbie is a great trainer Permalink
Minooka, Illinois | May 05 2013
John explained everything very thoroughly. He took his time and answered all of our questions. We absolutely noticed results right away. We were thrilled to see the difference after our initial meeting with John and look forward to continuing with the techniques he demonstrated. John proved to us both that dogs can be trained without bribery and punishment. The training experience was enjoyable. John related to our family very well. We 100% loved everything about this program and our very excited to apply what we learned and be able to enjoy our dog Sam even more. Permalink
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Naples | May 04 2013
We were very pleased with the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters. I was afraid at first that this training would break her spirit, but she responded naturally and seemed to enjoy our walk. Permalink
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Vancouver | May 04 2013
After only 1½ weeks we have noticed a huge difference in our 9 year old poodle. Bark Busters is a life saver for us and our pet! Permalink
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Nancy S Billings, Montana | May 04 2013
The flipchart is an excellent tool to reinforce all the information covered. Tess stops mid air and doesn't jump on anyone. Teaching a new habit with positive praise results in a happy pack leader and happy dog. Permalink
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Tampa | May 03 2013
Training has been great. well worth it. Cathy and Jeff are Awesome! Permalink
Tampa | May 03 2013
Jeff and Cathy were very clear with their presentation and purpose. Sunny has been receptive to commands, Effective. The social construct of the dog world has been very interesting to learn about. Jeff and Cathy were patient with Sunny and showed a lot of interest in her. Permalink
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Borth Fort Myers | May 03 2013
It was a dramatic improvement in the dogs behavior. It was unbelievable. Permalink