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Mahopac | April 20 2012
Easy. No physical and no treats is a good way to teach. I found out what I was doing wrong as well as the dog. I like the 'at home' training. I wish I was working with a puppy, not a 2½ year old. Permalink
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Scarsdale | April 20 2012
Very well taught, enjoyable training sessions. Permalink
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Tampa | April 19 2012
Jeff and Cathy came to our house in 2010 to help with Lucy, our Great Pyrenees. She had been rescued from a puppy mill where was kept in a cage and had many litters of puppies. She had several behavioral issues that Jeff addressed and her behavior and attitude showed great improvement. She received a citation in December 2011 for nipping a neighbor when she was startled while walking on a leash. Jeff and Cathy met us in a field in the hot sun on very short notice, and he reinforced the lessons that she had learned. He was kind enough to write a letter about Lucy which we presented to the Judge. The letter enumerated her background and her disabilities, which included loss of hearing and vision, and the improvement in her attitude. Based upon this letter, the Judge dismissed the case. We are truly indebted to Jeff and Cathy for their dedication and help for Lucy. Thank you. Permalink
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Cincinnati | April 19 2012
I got my Golden Retriever mix from another family at 6 mo she was originally to be placed at my Moms. The dog had alot of puppy and very strong will she had some very bad habits. Patrick worked with both me and my Mom showing us basic tips for training the dog. I recommend him his tips were very accurate and helped alot. Also when doing this program no matter whos your trainer please follow their instructions using the whole family meaning kids too. Its easier to have everyone on the same page that way the dog learns the routine and it is the same for everyone and does not confuse the dog. Even though the dog is no longer with my Mom she now lives with my boyfriend and I due to the fact that she was left with me by the other family not my Mom. She got attached to me and my boyfriend. Both of us used the tips Patrick taught Mom and I (AND ALOT OF REPETITION)and she has turned into a fabulious dog shes almost 3 and it took some time for her to adjust being moved around. And when at Moms she still uses the tips when shes not spoiling my dog.. Thanks Pat very very much ...I realize this is late but I wanted to give Nicki some time and try to show an overall picture. Permalink
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Southfield | April 19 2012
I was pleased at the end. Getting to know Maril, I would highly recommend her. Permalink
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Harper Woods | April 19 2012
[The training was] very much easy to understand, it made sense. Our dog was much calmer. [The training was] very effective. Our dog, just after the first session was a different dog. Our dog has never been so well behaved or shall I say we have never been given these tools or been well trained ourselves. Permalink
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Middlebury | April 19 2012
Hi Richard and Vicki, I just had to email you guys and tell you this. I didn't have patients today so I stayed home and Jack and I just went for a walk. He did great! We even passed by the golden retriever up the hill who barks at Jack non-stop and Jack just looked at me and tried to completely ignore him. Then when we turned to come back home there was a man driving out of his driveway and when he passed us he said "thats a very well-behaved dog". I never in a million years would have ever thought anyone would say that to us on a walk!! I am sooo proud of him and of us!!! Thank you both so much for teaching us how to better leaders so that we could discipline Jack and actually enjoy him!! Just had to tell you guys! Thanks again! Permalink
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Gulfport | April 18 2012
It was with a recommendation from some close friends that my wife and I decided to try Bark Busters and Maureen. And, I have to say that my wife and I were not happy with the results, we were awestruck. Never did we think that we would see such progress so quickly. With little experience with large breed dogs, my wife and I wanted to have some help getting our Mastiff pup going in the right direction. Maureen not only helped us set up a training schedule for the pup, she taught us how to train him the best way I have seen. Thank you Maureen, you not only helped us train our puppy, you have made our lives much brighter! Permalink
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Delanson | April 18 2012
For Callie to not run to the doorbell is beyond amazing. I was very worried at the beginning but had a smile on my face at the conclusion. Permalink
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Fort Myers | April 18 2012
Excellent. 5 Out of 5. Permalink