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Hamtramck | March 11 2011
Before Maril came I thought the training would be hard. Diamond (fearful Pit Mix who would not let me walk without getting jumped on) responded very quickly. I was pleased to notice that I do not have to use my hands on my dog to get the right response (no grabbing etc.) I learned a lot and cannot wait to use it all. I will recommend Bark Busters to all our clients who need training because I see hope for my dog to be a good part of my family and not a scary part anymore. Permalink
Louisville | March 11 2011
We're excited at the progress our dog made on day one and can't wait for him to improve even more! Permalink
Louisville | March 11 2011
Doug was a good teacher. He demonstrated the techniques very clearly, and my dog is responding to the commands. His behavior has changed, and the training techniques work better than using treats. Permalink
Louisville | March 11 2011
The results were seen immediately at the end of the first day of training. We are very pleased with the techniques used to get the dog's attention, as nothing harmful was used. The training proved that 99% of the time it's the owner and not the dog that needs to be trained! Permalink
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Lehi | March 11 2011
Mary Ann was very patient in her explanations and corrections. Saw some positive results immediately and more in the days following training. Maggie has been much more content and relaxed since the training, and so have I! Permalink
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Detroit | March 11 2011
Maril deserves 10 stars or more she goes above and beyond the call of duty she is determined to solve our problems with Roxie.Sshe is there when ever I call and I call often--she is patient and caring she knows her stuff. In our book she is cream of the crop A number one they do not come any better. Roxie is a work in progress and thanks to Maril she has become a well behaved dog. We are working on some demanding problems with Roxie--Maril is helping us to understand and giving us the guidance we need to get her back on track. Words cannot express our appreciation for the patience Maril has with us. We love her and highly recommend her. Permalink
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Naples | March 10 2011
Was amazed how fast the dogs responded correctly. Permalink
Awendaw | March 10 2011
Winnie our 7 year old Corgi showed amazing results right from the start. It was fun and extremely interesting - WE'RE the ones who need training! We worked together to find the right level of correction with her to alleviate her becoming fearful but still get our message across. I've already given out 2 business cards to friends to share this great program. Permalink
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Stratford | March 10 2011
Tom Toal and Bark Busters dog training methods are great. My vet recommended Tom and he was right. My dog had a lot of behavioral issues and without a doubt, I was not the leader of the pack! Tom helped me to work on my voice commands and body language so Buddy and I could go out in public without pulling on the leash. The difference in Buddy is amazing. Tom is very patient and you can tell he is passionate about dogs. Permalink
North Bethesda | March 10 2011
Glenda came to see us after a two year absence to help Betsy, our yorkie mix, to stop barking when somebody comes to the door. She gave us good suggestions and did not charge us for the visit. Permalink