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Ferndale | February 01 2013
Maril was very thorough with the training techniques. When I had a question she made sure I fully understood the answer. Jorgie had very bad manners and thought he ran the show until Maril's first visit. Jorgie is a rescue American Bulldog / Pit Mix that was abused very badly. After Maril left our first lesson Jorgie was completely changed for the better. Jorgie and I look forward to our training sessions. If you are at the point of maybe getting rid of your dog, Bark Busters is a MUST. Maril is great with dogs that have a short fuse! Jorgie went from us almost giving him up, to a new found hope for our family. Permalink
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Naples | February 01 2013
Surprising how quickly the problem was remedied. Permalink
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Nancy C Lexington, Kentucky | February 01 2013
Kendra has made mus aware of how dogs think and react. Very informative. She stresses the importance of consistency. When the plan is followed it is amazing how well behaved a dog is and how enjoyable she is to be around. Permalink
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Mattawan | January 31 2013
Murphy responded remarkably well to the training techniques. After the first lesson, he already seemed to respect me as the leader of the pack. These techniques seem to be much more effective than any we've learned at our puppy obedience classes. These techniques are amazing! Murphy did very well for about 3 days after our initial training session. He still responds to the commands/techniques, but it seems to take longer for him to respond. He is very strong willed, but I feel with lots of practice, over time, he will cath on & be more passive & willing to please. Permalink
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Anna H COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado | January 31 2013
I'm excited about how quickly my dog learned using your system. Permalink
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Fort Myers | January 30 2013
Bark Busters of Fort Myers emphasized our training and the importance of consistency. The lesson experience was amazing. Bark Busters satisfied our expectations and then some! We have always had our pets professionally trained Bark Busters of Fort Myers gets an A+! Permalink
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Estero | January 30 2013
The dogs are so well behaved the neighbors are astounded. The Bark Buster training method is not just natural but easy. The results we saw in just one, two hour lesson were almost scary - so quick and definite. We recommend Bark Busters because it works immediately - rarely does a training have such results. My husband who was doubtful is even impressed. Permalink
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Naples | January 29 2013
Quality Training with excellent results. Permalink
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Naples | January 29 2013
Amazing results. Our rescue furkid was in need of help as was his owners, and Bark Busters came to OUR rescue. We recommend this training to any owner who wants their furkid to be happy, safe and healthy along with their humans. Thank you, Bark Busters! Permalink
Baltimore | January 29 2013
I adopted a wonderful rescued bulldog puppy this summer, but began having difficulty with his anxiety-based aggression. I thought it would just be something to manage and work around and assumed that - because of his abusive background - that it was "unsolvable." Then his aggression escalated and he began snapping at and even biting us when we'd take him out for walks. I emailed Bark Busters in a panic after he drew blood one day and after ONE lesson with Marsha, he is SO much more relaxed and happy! He no longer feels the burden of having to "lead" our pack. No more barking when we leave the room, no more growling/lunging at us on our walks. He doesn't even try to guard the front door when he sees me getting ready to leave - he watches calmly, lounging from his spot on the bed :) Without all that stress he is calm and happy, walks behind me down the stairs (no more pulling/barking the whole way) and I am thrilled to see him this relaxed!! I loved that this method doesn't use any form of physical force, no yelling and it isn't even food based. I didn't believe in miracle cures, but Marsha - and the Bark Busters technique - is INCREDIBLE. The lifetime guarantee is pricy, but worth every penny. If you think your dog's issue is "incurable" ... this training method is the thing to try. Thank you from me and my pup! Permalink