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Staten Island | January 04 2012
I love the new correction instead of saying NO. He responds much better to it! Maverick was well aware of who is charge after the first training session. I very much enjoyed that this training does not employ any physical harm to my dog. I have already referred Bark Busters! I could not have had a better trainer than Fred! Permalink
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Fort Myers | January 03 2012
The training techniques are very easy and common sense. I saw definite results after just one, two hour lesson. I was very happy with the results Patrick helped us achieve. The natural training method used by Bark Busters is very enjoyable. Patrick is extremely knowledgeable and exceeded my expectations. Bark Busters is very effective. Permalink
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-Marie St. Germaine | January 02 2012
Marlene and Howard are outstanding. I first sought their help about a year ago and my three dogs responded immediately (as did I) to the Marks' guidance, tools and techniques. Having recently moved to a new place, my dogs (me, too) needed a refresher in the new space. Once again, I was not disappointed. Our pack is back on track! I had tried several other trainers over the years, and Marlene and Howard are the only trainers who helped me achieve the results I wanted and needed. Permalink
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Elmhurst | December 31 2011
With the holidays we had many family over that hadn't seen our dog in a while. The most common comment was "She's like a different dog, she's so calm" Chris was wonderful, she explained not only the techniques to use to change the behavior, but the reasons the dog is jumping, running off, other behaviors. She explained why the actions we had been taking were not working, and was non-judgmental. Chris was very kind with her time, accommodating a traveling husband, working mom, and active kids. Permalink
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Orangevale | December 31 2011
I enlisted Paula's aid as a result of a recommendation from my vet. I had a little yorkie whom I rescued 6 months prior and he would not stop attacking my cat, who is larger than he is. The moment Paula arrived at my home, he left the cat alone. She was amazing! It has been about 18 months since I enlisted Paula's aid, and my yorkie continues to leave the cat alone. Occasionally he gets in the cat's space and she hisses to let him know he needs to move on and I use the techniques Paula taught me, so we live peacefully. I especially like that Paula has regular dog walks with her clients where her training is reinforced and she can assist pet owners if she sees us getting lax. She is the best! Permalink
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Frankfort | December 30 2011
The materials that were provided are very helpful and extremely easy to understand. I observed noticeable results by the end of the training session. My dog already began submitting to me. I liked using the natural instinct techniques such as tone of voice. My dog was able to have fun and learn. This the only method that is already showing results. I would definitely recommend Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors. Permalink
Livonia | December 29 2011
Maril was very patient. This program will be very successful if I practice the techniques daily. Excellent scores in every category. Permalink
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Vet Assistant, Cross Veterinary Clinic | December 29 2011
I really like Maril! By the end of the lesson, my dogs were calm and more relaxed and well behaved. The techniques were very simple, but effective. The lesson was very enjoyable. I learned a lot of things. It was easy to understand because Maril showed me, she didn't just tell me. I would definitely recommend Bark Busters to our clients at the clinic because it is simple and I had results almost immediately. Permalink
Jacksonville | December 29 2011
Very thorough, answered all questions. It was truly amazing how quickly Scout responded to training. We were very pleased. The techniques were effective and easy to use. It was very enjoyable and we learned a lot to help in making Scout a part of the family. I would recommend or gladly give references. Linda was very helpful. It was easy to understand and worked like magic!! Permalink
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Jacksonville | December 28 2011
I was thoroughly impressed with the results from the start. I saw immediate improvement in my dog's behavior and things continue to improve! Permalink