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Knoxville | February 18 2012
Before Bark Busters I couldn't get Boomer to do anything but by the time Deb left from the very first lesson we were making progress. The natural type of training is excellent. I love that it is only through praise and not treats or being mean. I would recommend Bark Busters - they are the only place I would recommend. Permalink
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Las Vegas | February 17 2012
Bark Busters is an excellent training program. Christine Hanley presented techniques to help me understand my rescue dog, Hootie's behaviors. By helping me understand how to read my dog's behaviors she made me realize what he is doing that was unacceptable. The techniques are good to know and continue to help me understand. I have enjoyed the training experience and am looking forward to understanding about how to be a better dog owner. I am glad I was able to find someone who understands dogs AND people. I would highly recommend Bark Busters. I have already shared my positive experience with co-workers, friends and family. Permalink
Louisville | February 17 2012
Doug was amazing! The difference in my dog was night and day in a single lesson! Thank you so much!! Permalink
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Naples | February 17 2012
Training procedures have improved immensely in the 46 years we've shared with dogs. June and Colin are lovely, and they know and convey their knowledge easily. I would recommend Bark Busters. Permalink
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Clackamas | February 16 2012
I understood all of the training we discussed. Phoebe did very well. I figured out right away what I was doing wrong. I think Phoebe will be much more relaxed when she's fully trained. Permalink
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McMinnville | February 16 2012
There was a lot of information but it was broken down so that it wasn't overwhelming. My friends noticed right away. I understand the concepts and in time I'm sure it will all come together for me. The quick results I get from Katie, the older dog is awesome. The puppy tries my patience. I'm glad I took on this adventure. Permalink
Ocala | February 15 2012
Anybody needs a wonderful trainer, very loving, my dogs learned quickly and I have 9 dogs. They listen to my command, and know I am the boss. I can still continue to spoil my babies; however it is on my time and terms, not theirs. My doggies are so happy that I am the boss and took that stress from them, so they can just be happy, spoiled, playful dogs. :) You are now at the right place, to learn the proper way for you to be in control, not your babies. I would ALWAYS come here, there is no better!! THANK YOU BARK BUSTERS!! :) Permalink
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Palm Coast | February 15 2012
The presentation was professional and easy to understand. We saw results immediatley. There was no pain and no calorie reward. It was a pleasant learning experience for my wife & I as well as for Brando. We have already recommended Bark Busters! Permalink
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Palm Coast | February 15 2012
We enjoyed being together as a family in this training. We could see signs of respect- better front door behavior. We love beatrice and are concerned with her safety and comfort. no problems here- very pleased and we like the training aids. We enjoyed learning about pack behavior--who knew? Very interesting. Our daughter will be calling James soon, and we have told our neighbors. They have commented on Bea's improved behavior. James is great- friendly- felt comfortable working with him. He is professional and knowledgeable, patient with our questions, and personalized the training for our situation. We are a work in progress, but I feel more at ease and in control of Bea's behavior. It feels great because I know what to do. Permalink
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Orange Park | February 15 2012
Linda showed confidence and experience. Great explaining the dog's point of view and understanding. The lesson was for humans mostly! The interaction that occurred with us, the dogs and Linda was outstanding. Permalink