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Naples | March 10 2011
The results were immediate and unbelievable, and the next day was even more amazing! June and Colin answered all of my questions and addressed all of my concerns and the way the training techniques were explained all made sense. I had tried everything else, but the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters proved the best and most effective. The whole training experience was both interesting and enjoyable - the time flew by for all of us. Permalink
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Jacksonville | March 10 2011
Scenarios and visuals were shared by Linda. Shadow responded positively to the training. I NEVER thought voice commands could alter Shadow's behavior! What a GREAT surprise! Lots of great info and scenarios demonstrated and taught. Well worth the investment. I recommend Bark Busters to anyone... you won't regret it! I wish my neighbors would use Bark Busters. I love the natural process! Wow! Permalink
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Las Vegas | March 09 2011
Christine was our second trainer for Bubba and Sami. She was recommended by our Vet, Dr. Verma at Companion Animal Hospital. We were reluctant to hire another trainer since the first one didn't work out very well. Dr. Verma convinced us though. Christine is patient, warm and extremely knowledgeable. The training techniques are easy to follow and understand. We observed results by the end of the first session. We love the natural training techniques and found the whole process very interesting. I plan to recommend Bark Busters to my daughter who has three adopted dogs. Permalink
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Fort Myers | March 09 2011
Bark Busters makes sense! Permalink
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Cedar Rapids | March 08 2011
We called Janie after hearing great things about her results from others. Our new dog, Maggie, had been through a series of homes, and she was anxious with us and aggressive with our other dog. Using Janie's techniques, Maggie is turning into a happy and obedient pet and blending in beautifully with our family. Permalink
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Sherwood | March 08 2011
Dick is very clear and exact in his explanations. He is very helpful in demonstrating what he's looking for. We noticed results right away! Our dogs were completely crazy before the training and now when they get over excited we can control them much faster. The training techniques make sense and the dogs respond in the way that is expected. We enjoy seeing the dogs progress. The dogs understand the behaviors that we expect when going through the exercises. I have already told several of my friends about our experience with Dick and Bark Busters. The program is well worth the money. Dick has been great in answering all of our questions! We are very pleased with the results so far! Permalink
Englewood | March 08 2011
Already, Molly is a more relaxed and happy (and obedient!) dog. Around the apartment, she doesn't feel like she has to get up and pace around every time she hears someone outside anymore. It is so encouraging to see her trusting us and looking to us to see what she is supposed to do next; I can see her wheels turning! I love that the Bark Busters training teaches her to THINK and want to do the right thing, instead of just bribing her with treats or scaring her with harsh punishment. Laura is a great trainer!! Her presentation on how dogs naturally think and communicate was awesome--Molly understood right away! It's really us, the owners, that needed Laura the most! And I know it's us that have to keep putting in the time and effort to keep up the training and make sure it sticks...but it's SO worth the results. THANK YOU LAURA!! Permalink
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Canton | March 08 2011
Saw immediate results/progress the first day. Excellent in every aspect. Permalink
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Ms S Greensboro, North Carolina | March 08 2011
We had Amy with Bark Busters help us with our dog Sullivan back in 2005. We learned so much and have had a wonderful dog for over 6 years! Well, now that he is older, we decided to get another dog form a rescue. Since Sullivan was so well trained we haven't had much to reinforce with him for so long that I was afraid I had forgotten how to start anew with another dog. Well, this new dog is full of energy! Jumping, nipping, grabbing food! So, I went back to my notes and called Amy, with her email recommendations and my notes I was back on track with my new dog. What you learn from Bark Busters is amazing! The education and information is thorough and Amy makes it easy to implement. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Recall
Troy | March 07 2011
If you REALLY want a change in your dog, this helps SO FAST! My Mom returned home and said, "Is this the SAME HOUSE?!" Permalink