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East Windsor | December 13 2011
Unbelievable, transformative results after the first 2.5 hour session! My wife and I were skeptical that we would see such immediate results, but Keith came in and changed our dogs behavior for the better with simple yet effective techniques. Permalink
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Naples | December 13 2011
With just a few simple commands, my dog did what he was supposed to do. The natural training techniques were easy for me and my dog, and I loved the whole training experience!!! You are the best! Permalink
Troy | December 12 2011
Immediate changes. AMAZING! Very positive techniques. IMMEDIATE RESULTS! Permalink
Rochester Hills | December 12 2011
I was AMAZED! It made sense -- unlike jerking your dog's collar. THE NATURAL WAY TO TRAIN YOUR DOG! Permalink
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Naples | December 12 2011
We loved how the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters were not at all abusive and so simple. After just one lesson, we had a completely different dog, and we would recommend Bark Busters. Permalink
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West Haven | December 11 2011
I like the natural approach - I would recommend Bark Busters as soon as you see some difficult behaviors emerging. Permalink
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Falcon Heights | December 10 2011
Lynne was very efficient and effective in coaching with me and my dog. Outcomes have been surprising, rapid and excellent! Permalink
St. Augustine | December 10 2011
We noticed results from the very beginning! It was harder on me to find out that I was a big part of the problem. After Linda left, I used her training and it worked immediatley! Permalink
St. Augustine | December 10 2011
We were amazed! The shrill attention seeking barking was gone almost immediately! Like Slick Magic! Permalink
Jacksonville | December 10 2011
It was easy & fun. My puppy was a handful and now I can control her. Permalink