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Gilbertsville | June 20 2011
Karen and Alan made an excellent presentation. Both have great personalities. They make it fun and we learned a lot. We have dropped the Bark Busters name many times. We tried other methods. This is the one! Permalink
Lake Orion | June 20 2011
I would absolutely recommend this program and especially our trainer, John! The techniques are simple and we have seen MAJOR IMPROVEMENTS in a very short time! Anyone with a dog should consider Bark Busters! Permalink
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Warren | June 20 2011
TOTALLY AMAZED how Alice responded. Where else can you find a dog trainer that comes to your home and gives a lifetime of training to you for your dog? Permalink
Denver | June 20 2011
My dog, Java, seemed MUCH calmer and happier by the end of the training on the first day. I feel more powerful and capable of being the pack leader. Very pleased with Bark Busters and will recommend them to my friends. The training experience was very interesting and enjoyable, and I was very pleased with the natural training techniques. Permalink
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Durham | June 19 2011
Sonja is very patient, never seems rushed and stays as long as needed. We started Bark Busters as soon as we got our rescue dog, and the training we received made a huge, positive, immediate impact on our canine/human relationship. We have enjoyed our dog so much that we adopted a second "rescue" dog two weeks later and immediately enrolled him in Bark Busters. Many thanks! Permalink
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Raleigh | June 19 2011
A+ all the way around. Thrilled all the way around with the ease of training and problem resolution. I noticed results on the first visit! Permalink
Zebulon | June 19 2011
Our therapist was highly informative, very professional, and extremely patient concerning our the training of our five miniature pinschers. The natural techniques are working very well and we look forward to our next session! Permalink
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Renton | June 19 2011
I want to thank David for the confidence he has given me in training my dog, Riley. I couldn't believe the change in him after the first session! Instead of him pulling and taking me on walks, he now walks beside me while I lead him to where I want to go. Other behaviors such as barking and jumping have greatly improved. Riley is happier and is becoming more calm as he interacts with people and other dogs. Neighbors, friends, and family have commented that they see a positive change in his behavior. It has made my life happier and I am enjoying Riley more!! David has great communication skills in teaching dog owners how to train their pets. I appreciate his knowledge and patience in helping me be successful! I highly recommend Bark Busters to all dog owners. Permalink
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Jacksonville | June 18 2011
I saw immediate results :-)!! I have a large family. They all have dogs. I can't wait to tell ALL of them!! Permalink
Tucson | June 18 2011
I used Bark Busters for my dog Emma last year. We participated in the one-year program. She and I had some issues and needed help. I called a few dog trainers in Tucson and was not given any hope. Emma has aggression issues and had, in the past, bit someone. Her aggression came out of her need to protect me. I was told by 2 different trainers that it would cost a lot of money for the help and she would have to stay in a place for 1 month with no visits from me, OR she was a hopeless case and could not be helped. This is all from a 3-minute conversation over the phone. I spoke with Gerard at Bark Busters and explained what I needed. He was professional and willing to help and we talked for about 30 minutes. He did not rush me off the phone. He did not make me feel like Emma was a hopeless case. Instead he told me he could help us. He came by the house several times in the first 2 months for about an hour each session. Again, he did not rush anything. And each time he taught me how to teach Emma. After that it was about once a month. More time if I felt we needed it. I know her issues are my fault. So I needed to let her know that I was in charge and ok and she did not need to protect me all the time. With his help, I have learned how to make her less stressed and worried about me. She still has a bark and lets people know she is there but the difference is in how I react. Thanks to Gerard, I have less fear about taking her into new situations around people. I would recommend his training to anyone who needs help for a "hopeless case". Permalink