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Ames | August 31 2011
We saw results in jumping up immediately. Other behaviors still need more work. I think we have found the right training program. We find value in training at home & allowing pups to be comfortable in their home rather than in a training center. Permalink
Jacksonville | August 29 2011
I have now had two "whine free" trips to the dog park! Both times there has been 1-2 faint sounds when we turn on the entrance road, which I had already decided was an OK spot to get excited. Wow! I didn't realize it until I got all the way to Butler Bvld exit that I wasn't having to combat their behavior and I was enjoying the ride. This was very important--had an unexpected visitor by my kitchen door, one of those huge roaches. Sasha caught sight of it and I caught her interest (unusual for first thing in the morning). I knew I needed to use the roach spray in this situation. Although the spray is pet safe, I still wanted the dogs as far away as possible while I dealt with the roach. I was able to give them both an "out" of the kitchen and a "stay". With a "bah" it sealed the deal. They stayed clear so I could spray, dispose of the bug and clean up the spray without them coming in and possibly getting the chemicals on them. Wow, that was such a good feeling to have control of the situation; to take care of the problem with the dogs at safe range. After I was done they got lots of praise (after I called them to me:-)) Thanks again for your patience and detail oriented training. Permalink
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Richmond | August 29 2011
We learned more in one visit than we had in a decade of dog ownership. Kendra's professionalism, knowledge and personality are off the charts. She and Bark Busters are Lexington's best kept secret. Results were immediate with our dogs. My husband and I are a little slower. Kendra gave us a taste of how much better all of our lives could be -- there's no better motivation. I have already recommended Bark Busters - loving one's pets is not enough. Training provides the balance necessary to create a better life for our dogs and ourselves. Permalink
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Milford | August 27 2011
The techniques were easy to follow and understand. It is nice to see that training without harsh discipline is effective. Both Richard and Vicki are very caring and attentive trainers. Very glad we chose Bark Busters! Permalink
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Naples | August 27 2011
I am completely amazed! Walked Remy this morning and ran into a neighbor that Remy usually barks at relentlessly. Using your technique - not one bark - was able to have a 10 minute conversation for the first time in eight years - needless to say, he was amazed as well! Permalink
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Glendale | August 26 2011
The training technique was easy to follow and understand, Nikki wrote out the technique step by step! I could not believe the results. I like that I am not giving treats for my dogs to be "good boys." I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters. I already have and they will be contacting to set up an appointment. Permalink
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Milwaukee | August 26 2011
Oswald was like a new dog. I am not embarrassed to have guests come over anymore. I have been telling all of the 'unruly dog' owners around town about Bark Busters! I never thought that Oswald would respond to anything besides food. Permalink
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Khmelevsky | August 26 2011
It was really helpful that Nikki took the time to repeat some steps when my husband came in. Results were immediate! Very pleased to see effective results without using any anger, force, etc. I also love not rewarding with treats so much healthier! I feel like we were given very simple tools that work to correct all of his naughty puppy behavior. It was such a relief to have someone come out so quickly. I was dreading having to wait two more weeks for the puppy class to begin. I feel like we have a puppy we can finally enjoy. The kids have a puppy they can interact with, not turn away from! Permalink
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McAdams | August 26 2011
Very enjoyable. Very surprised that "BAH" really works! Permalink
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West Allis | August 26 2011
Bob is a bullhead; Nikki had his attention in 30 or 40 seconds and kept it. We did alright with him, but not excellent. I think more practice. An absolutely humbling experience, if only we knew earlier. Permalink