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Lenette S Vernon Hills | November 19 2010
Sessions are very helpful and positive. Mary spends as much time with us as we need. Thank you. Permalink
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Marge H Highland Park | November 19 2010
We have been through numerous classes that are treat based and we like this method better. Permalink
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Kim & Tom K Gurnee | November 19 2010
Our children understood and benefited from the training. Clue seemed to pick up on the techniques. The training was personal and applicable to our everyday experience. In home with entire family was definitely beneficial. Permalink
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Angel S North Chicago | November 19 2010
From day one we applied these techniques and it was noticeable at the end of the training. Did not like the "bah" at first, but it gave us the results we were expecting in the end. My husband really enjoyed the training and spent a lot of time applying these techniques. Permalink
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Debrah & Jeff H Fox Lake | November 19 2010
Mary was great from day one, we felt very comfortable with her. I was ready to get rid of our dog, it was so bad before we started with Bark Busters. Now we love him. It was very nice that Mary would come to our home and that she was always available for the life of our dog. Our marriage was in trouble because I wanted to get rid of Grizzly and my wife was bound to hang with him. Thanks for saving our marriage and our dog. Permalink
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Dennis & Joyce S Vernon Hills | November 19 2010
We were very impressed with Mary and the Bark Busters method. We cannot believe the change in Murphy. He comes immediately when called, he sits and stays at the door before entering the house. No jumping at the door or scratching at the screen to get in, he heels when walking and is no longer bothered by open garage door. He sits in the yard and is no longer running around like a nervous wreck. He is relaxed and seems much happier. Family and friends have noticed a big difference. Permalink
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Terry & Kristi K Grayslake | November 18 2010
I was very nervous at the beginning because I really want dogs that behave and are enjoyable for us and our guests. After being instructed and lots of practice, I felt so relieved and more in control. The immediate results were amazing! We walked the dogs without them pulling and with minimal barking that stopped when we used the "Bahhh!" Wow! Permalink
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Andrea G Libertyville | November 18 2010
The change by the end of the training was remarkable. I have since been recommending Bark Busters to everyone I know who has trouble with their dog. I was desperate for help when I called Bark Busters. The difference it has made for us was amazing and worth every penny. Permalink
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Bill & Christine H Wauconda | November 18 2010
Practice makes perfect. Both Elway and Payton have improved in such a short time, really pleased with your program, Thank you so much. Permalink
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Kathryn H Gurnee | November 18 2010
Basic common sense to training. Based on understanding dogs and how they think. The "bah" sound even worked in the car, right away. I bark and Oliva stops. Permalink