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St. Johns | April 06 2011
Linda trained us as well as Scrappy! We would be happy to recommend Bark Busters. My wife & I were extremely pleased with the job Linda did. It was hard to believe that it could be done but Linda did it in that short of time! Permalink
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Chicago | April 06 2011
My experience with Howard and Marlene has been absolutely wonderful (for me and my dog!). Not only are they helpful, friendly, supportive and reliable but there was an instant improvement in my dog's behavior during their first visit. I was amazed at how their strategies and philosophy worked so well, and so quickly. I don't know what I would have done without them!! Permalink
Seattle | April 05 2011
My wife and I are planning on starting a American Staffordshire Bull Terrier rescue and have been fostering Am-Staff and other breeds for sometime now. We recently just have had the pleasure of fostering another little Am-Staff and his name is Roscoe! He is such a good little guy but had a couple of issues that we were not sure on how to go about helping to correct. We knew he was smart and could be very trainable with the right teacher. My wife attends Pima medical and is obtaining her Vet-Tech degree while doing so she got given a gift certificate for Bark Busters, the best thing that could have happened to us, really! So we called and talked to Connie and set up a time to that suited all of us best for her to come over to our home and start working with Roscoe. Connie was so nice and professional on the phone and made us feel so good about starting this whole process with training our new little guy that we could not wait for her to get here. Connie came to our home and started to work her magic right away and my wife and I were absolutely pleased and shocked that Roscoe took to her and her techniques so fast, and that made us very very happy and became even more optimistic about this whole process. Connie is so professional and so so sweet, she made us feel very comfortable. Connie did a superb job explaining everything that she was and will do to help us with the issues that were having, she was willing to stay as long as she needed to make sure we were all comfortable with everything. She also left us with a written regimen to follow and a bunch of other suggestions, very cool! So its been almost a week and we are happy to announce that the few issues we were having with Roscoe have been corrected and he is doing so very well with it all. My wife and I were expecting results but not this quick! Awesome!!! The techniques that Bark Busters use are absolutely superb and work so well that I recommend them to anybody that needs training on any level. We are forever grateful and so so pleased we made that call and had Connie come over. We are Bark Busters Clients for life!! Thank you Connie you are the best and you truly are a pro at what you do! Thank you very very very much!! Permalink
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Jeffersonville | April 05 2011
We saw results and with each passing day we are seeing more progress. We like that no choke collars or negative punishments are used. Winslow is now 7 and we wish we would have known about Bark Busters sooner. Although he is older we have seen improvements and we are confident using the Bark Buster techniques. Permalink
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Colorado Springs | April 05 2011
Ryan, we had the world's worst Pembroke Welch Corgi and in one session you taught us to teach him right from wrong. He's so perfect now, don't know what we would have done without you. We always loved our Robbie but it's easier to love a good dog. Thanks again to you and Bark Busters. Permalink
West Ashley | April 04 2011
I highly recommend Bark Busters if you are looking for dog training that is easy to stick with and works! My dog Sophie and I did the training with Michelle who was wonderful. The training is broken down into such simple steps and they do not include handing out treats. The best part is that the training is created and individualized to each owner/dog personal needs; They come to your house so all of the attention is on you and your dog, and they don't waste time teaching you things that are not pertinent to you and your dog. When Michelle showed me something and Sophie immediately did what she asked by following Bark Busters protocol I was amazed and thought "That's it?". I couldn't believe how much sense their training makes and how simple it was. The training has made a world of difference in Sophie's life and in mine and she is much more calm and happy. I will use Bark Buster's methods for as long as I live and have dogs! A hint to the wise-Sophie was adopted in August and I didn't start the training until February. I wanted to wait until we had a strong bond between us and I'm so glad I did wait. She listened wonderfully and it has made our bond even stronger, believe it or not. Can't be happier! Permalink
Channahon | April 04 2011
John was extremely patient, very thorough and re-addressed all questions that we were unclear on until we understood them completely. I was amazed that John got the results I had been working on for over a month within ten minutes of his arrival. I'm all about positive and natural reinforcement. I was extremely pleased with Bark Busters training techniques. The training experience was very enjoyable, especially seeing results so quickly and watching Elvis respond so rapidly. I would recommend John Sullivan and Bark Busters Dog Training in a heart beat. In fact, I've already made two phone calls this afternoon to people waiting to see if I was pleased with the results. Have you ever been around someone that seemed they were meant to be in a position? That's John. He is absolutely fantastic and knowing that I can call him any time if I have any questions is a quality that I am truly grateful for. Permalink
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Averill Park | April 04 2011
Rachel was very patient in explaining techniques. I was amazed to see my 3 year old Lab finally walk with a loose leash. I have wanted to have my dog walk without a prong collar. The voice command Rachel taught me worked. I have already recommended Bark Busters - my trainer put me at ease when I was anxious about this new experience! Permalink
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Wilton | April 04 2011
Very easy to understand. My dog's response to doorbell ringing has turned around 100%! Permalink
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Delmar | April 04 2011
Rachel did an excellent job with training techniques and visual displays. Casey responded very well to certain commands by the end of the session. We saw results immediately. Should have used Bark Busters a long time ago. Permalink