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West Bloomfield | August 27 2012
VERY INTERESTING & VERY ENJOYABLE. Our dog is 90% more 'gentlemanly' than before Bark Busters. This plan will yield a perfect dog if the effort is expended by the owners. Anyone of any age can do this. Within 48 hours, Tiger changes and it's because WE are now in control, not Tiger. Yipping in crate, crying in crate & moving the crate disappeared. Jumping is 99% gone. As usual, it's not the dogs, it's the owners. I fully expected to be trained to train my dog, and that's exactly what happened. Expectations fulfilled! CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT VISIT! Permalink
Ocala | August 27 2012
At first I was leery of the techniques but after just a short time it was working wonders on the behavior of the dogs. This is an amazing way of training dogs that shows results after the first hour! The housebreaking technique was amazing. The lavender worked great. Permalink
Ocala | August 27 2012
Gypsie was so much better in her behavior and with listening after just one lesson! Permalink
Gainesville | August 27 2012
Laura was great with explaining the training and the reasoning behind the training to use. Luke & Leia have been lovely since working with Laura. They responded immediately to the training tools we used. My dogs have been a handful since we got our second dog. We tried two different programs before calling Bark Busters and Bark Busters has been the only thing with a real measurable change in their behavior. Thanks you Laura! Permalink
Gainesville | August 27 2012
The natural training technique is the main reason I selected Bark Busters. Laura was great! I'm looking forward to applying what I learned. Permalink
Ocala | August 27 2012
Laura is a natural. It's tough to balance between letting our puppy be a puppy while correcting behavior, but she teaches us (even my 13 year old) how to do it. I love the system: no punishments and the only reward being a "good boy" and a metaphorical pat on the head.. Permalink
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Marco Island | August 27 2012
As a Veterinarian, I am thrilled to be able to refer June and Colin Glass to my clients as a training option, and now I can personally vouch for their skills as a customer. Permalink
Inverness | August 27 2012
Laura did a great job explaining everything. We are already seeing results! Permalink
Ocala | August 27 2012
Laura worked with our individual needs and concerns in an easy to follow manner. Ferdinand & Lucy became more obedient; we observed noticeable changes by the end of our first session. The Bark Busters techniques were easy and engaging. I would recommend this program to all looking to train their dogs. Laura was effective, friendly, and accommodating. Permalink
Morriston | August 27 2012
Saw a great improvement in Buddy's barking the very next day! Permalink