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Denver | June 26 2012
YES! We noticed immediate results, especially with the barking, at the end of the first lesson. :) The training was very interesting and enjoyable. We will tell our neighbors and friends about Bark Busters. Permalink
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Rocky Hill | June 26 2012
Where do I begin.....Bark Busters is AMAZING!!! Cookie - our now two year old rescue had a terrible barking issue.....neighbors, friends, family - absolutely anyone who came to our door would be greeted with constant barking to a point where I feared she might "nip" (although she's never bitten anyone). After sitting with Jane and understanding a little more about "why" she was behaving the way she was and what I as the owner could do to correct her unacceptable behavior, we began working with Cookie. After just an hour of working with Cookie, I was able to invite my neighbors to come over. They rang the bell, entered my home, sat down with me in the living room without a bark. All we did was correct her once and she was good! The noted improvements continued throughout the weekend. We were able to walk across the street and greet the same neighbor in her yard without a single correction (which sounds so trivial....but trust's not). I was able to visit my parents home and enjoy a meal without the constant whining and barking I used to experience when Cookie wasn't allowed to roam the house. I corrected her a single time and she behaved for the entire visit. The last and most significant improvement was Cookie's behavior when my ex-husband came to the door to bring my daughter home on Sunday. I made sure they made a lot of extra noise in the breezeway and then rang the bell. She barked once (to signify someone was there) and that was IT! the past she would bark non-stop until he would leave. All I can say is if anyone has a great dog with a few minor issues....this method is wonderful. I would recommend Bark Busters to all my friends and family (and have already done so via Facebook). Thanks Jane and Bark Busters for making our home a "peaceful" one. Permalink
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Sunny Isles | June 26 2012
Hi Robin & Bruce, Lizzie is doing great! Things have evolved to the point where we can leave her out of the crate when we leave the apartment and she no longer barks or gets upset. When we come home, everything is fine. Thanks for your help and for staying in touch with us. We look forward to seeing you again soon. Permalink
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Orange | June 26 2012
The Vet I work for recommends Bark Busters and I had met Frank a couple of times. At the time I didn't have a dog that needed training (our boy was "perfect"). My partner and I adopted a dog in October and have been spending time trying to help her adapt. We found her to have been abused or mistreated. Doing almost anything to her would set back the trust we built so I called Frank who, suggested we wait a while to let her settle in before challenging her behavior. When we decided it was time, Frank came to our home to address our needs with the complete understanding of our unique situation. He helped us realize that some of her behavior is due to her uncertainty of her place in our home and that she can respond with the right kind of communication. Thanks to Franks understanding, we have been able to take more deliberate baby steps and have made slow but some progress. Thanks Frank and Bark Busters for knowing your biz!! Permalink
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Pembroke Pines | June 25 2012
Thank you both so much for the amazing change in Frankie's demeanor ! I look forward to seeing you again! Permalink
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Cape Coral | June 25 2012
I love the idea Bark BUsters comes to the home and see the pet in its everyday environment. Shadow, my Shih Tzu, is a lovable puppy who loves people and gets along great with other animals. I needed help at home with obeying and coming when called. The Bark Buster method was easy to understand and Patrick made the lesson enjoyable. I was amazed how Shadow responded to "Bah" and how he responded so well to the method. Thank you Bark Busters. Permalink
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New City, NY | June 24 2012
George is a lot smarter than we thought. He responded well to the lesson. I was surprised at how well he picked things up. Permalink
Hackettstown | June 24 2012
Greg is certainly impressive on his XM radio show on the Martha Stewart channel - he seems to have a passion for dog training and truly cares about the people who call-in to his show. We also liked his appearances with Martha on her show - again, he impressed us. So, we decided to take a chance and see if this guy is "the real deal" who could "practice what he preaches". Is it all just a show or could Greg really deliver? After contacting Greg thru Bark Busters and viewing the videos he sent to familiarize us with himself and the Bark Busters philosophy and program, we expected a good initial training sesssion with our dalmatian, Holly. Well, what Greg delivered was a GREAT training session - we were amazed and impressed to say the least, especially dealing with the aggression that Holly exhibits towards other dogs. He was professional, courteous, and enthusiastic. He was totally devoted to the training session and worked really well with Holly and us so that she can be the best dog she can be. We felt at ease with Greg from the start and without realizing it at first, he began passive training immediately while he introduced the Bark Busters program; he ignored Holly's barks for attention while observing our discipline measures. He demonstrated the techniques, made sure we were comfortable using them, and answered all of our questions. Greg was calm, patient, and made it a fun and reassuring experience that WE COULD DO THIS! We never felt rushed or that he was watching the clock. He gave us a hand-written, customized program before he left and all the 1:1 support we could possibly want. It is so common today, it seems, to be disappointed, frustrated, and stressed-out from the lack of customer care and service. This experience renewed our faith that there are individuals out there who are passionate about what they do and truly care about their customers. Greg actually got excited when Holly began responding to his training, and he was obviously pleased to see that we were "wowed" that it was working (so fast). We're not sure if all the trainers are like Greg, but he certainly has a gift/talent for working with people and their dogs. We honestly cannot say enough good things about our experience, and before Greg left, he got us excited about future training possibilities. Greg is certainly an asset to Bark Busters, and we would recommend him and Bark Busters to anyone looking for a trainer. Thanks for everything, Greg! Permalink
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Chicago | June 23 2012
Our Bark Busters trainers Marlene and Howard have been absolutely fantastic in helping us train our dog. When we got Mason from a shelter, we didn't at first realize the amount of anxiety and fear he had toward unfamiliar dogs. Taking him for walks was a nightmare, as he would try to lunge and snap at any dog that so much as went by us across the street. With the help of our very attentive and caring trainers and their dogs (Stella and Blanche), however, we began to make steps toward establishing consistent pack leadership using correction techniques that were a miracle to see in action. We still have a ways to go before Mason feels completely relaxed around unfamiliar dogs, but we feel totally reassured now that Marlene and Howard have given us the tools and the confidence to help our little guy become a more obedient and happier pup. Thank you, Marlene, Howard, Blanche and Stella! Permalink
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Bloomingdale | June 22 2012
We learned so much about dog behavior and to treat a dog as a dog and not as if the dog is a "human". I was AMAZED at how our dog responded and obeyed. The training makes sense based on the dog/wolf pack. The "BAH" word is MAGIC! Who would have thought it would work? We have recommended Bark Busters and our friends are now using Bark Busters! We humans needed to be trained and our dog rehabilitated! Permalink