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Elk Grove Village | September 28 2011
Chris is knowledgeable and experienced. We know exactly what to work on after each visit. My husband was not present at training but he noticed a difference after one lesson. It works very well. My dog was very out of control. I would've given him away without this training. It was our privilege and pleasure to work with Chris. She is amazing! I already have recommended Bark Busters to a neighbor who saw the car with the logo. Great idea to attract new customers. My dog has a strong personality (pack leader). I will be using the techniques I learned throughout Teddy's life. Thanks to Chris I can enjoy Teddy and be proud to say he's my dog. Throughout this training I've realized mistakes I made training other dogs I've owned in the past. Thank you Bark Busters for having an amazing employee named Chris Guth! Permalink
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Stephanie A Wylie, Texas | September 28 2011
The dogs seem to respect us more when we rang the doorbell and told them to get back. Very simple and direct approach. No treats required. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Jumping up, Other
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Buchanan | September 27 2011
Once Mark explained the psychology of the pack it was easier to work toward training Rylie with non-aggressive methods. Permalink
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Hastings-on-Hudson | September 27 2011
Clear, concise and logical support. The techniques formed a coherent pattern. Mark did an excellent job of convincing us of the merits of his system, Veinte benefited. Interesting and learning experience for me. In my opinion some solutions are marginally effective and more trouble than they are worth. Provided us with a problem solving mechanism we did not have. Overall a successful process that produced results. Permalink
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St. Louis | September 27 2011
Kathy, I just want to thank you for coming by last night and checking on Parker. He did great at my party and I let him interact with my guests which I could never have done before. He was so good, several people commented that he was a different dog. Thank you so much! Permalink
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Bonita Springs | September 27 2011
Excellent! 5 Out of 5! We saw noticeable results with our dog within just one, two hour lesson. Permalink
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Auburn | September 27 2011
I needed a return visit from Jack because Jaxon was developing a real anxiety towards other dogs. He would react in a proactive aggression and was so nervous when I walked him anywhere he knew there were dogs. After a session with Jack spent walking Jaxon through his trouble areas and learning how to handle it...Jaxon is like a different dog!! I've been walking my dogs separately and working on his training. He got the message so quick! He walks right next to me and when I see the slightest bit of distraction, I make the sound and work the collar and he tunes right back in! It's so awesome! I got the thunder shirt Jack recommended as well, and put it on him this morning...oh my gosh...he is the calmest dog on the planet! It's like giving him a tranquilizer. I walked him with it on and it makes it even easier. It's a pleasure walking him now...I would never have believed that there would be so much change in such a short amount of time. We saw a dog on their balcony this morning and he started to react..I worked the collar and gave him a sound correction, he backed down, sat and looked right at me! It was awesome! The other thing I find interesting and encouraging...usually when I feed them Jaxon won't eat until Ginger gives him permission...usually by eating some of his food. Now, I tell him to eat and he eats! It truly is about taking charge and having him think of me as the leader! So, it's not about Jaxon being a problem, it's about me not stepping up and taking charge! I'm just so thankful you helped me get that! Thanks so much for bringing the joy back into my relationship with Jaxon. I am working with Ginger as well to make sure she knows I'm the leader so they are both on the same page. Permalink
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Linda M San Antonio, Texas | September 27 2011
I was very pleased as I was nervous thinking about having a real gruff trainer but all went very well. Phyllis was so enjoyable to be around. What can I say, I am a believer. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Chewing, Pulling, Puppy management, Toileting
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Farmington Hills | September 26 2011
Excellent scores in every category. Maril used examples of past experiences with her own dogs [to make the training easy to understand]. The small changes to our leash technique that she suggested made a very noticeable difference. The Bark Busters collar is much less hurtful than the spike collar [used by our previous trainer]. The training was very in depth, Maril was knowledgeable. [Kristy is a Vet Tech at Plaza Veterinary Hospital] Permalink
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Fort Myers | September 26 2011
Great job by Patrick and Bark Busters! It was a very interesting experience. Patrick is a great guy and task oriented. We saw noticeable results with our barking Bichons in just one, two hour lesson. We recommend Bark Busters. Permalink