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Rockledge | June 07 2012
Easy and simple techniques that really work! Permalink
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Merritt Island | June 07 2012
The trainer was excellent in presenting the information. We noticed a difference within 24 hours with the behavior of our three dogs. We will continue to use her ideas and appreciate the guidance she provided. Permalink
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South Daytona Beach | June 07 2012
Linda was very friendly and professional. She obviously knew her goal and accomplished it. Great Job! Thank You! Due to Linda's instruction techniques, I am now able to give my dog the "security" he has needed for a stress free life! Permalink
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St Johns | June 07 2012
James had a very good demeanor with dogs and with children. Immediate results were noticed during training. very pleased with the initial progress. great training program that does not rely on treats and physical restraint. Very informative about techniques and background. I would absolutely recommend based on the progress thus far. Permalink
Chapel Hill | June 07 2012
One of the main problems we had with our dog was he would try to (and once did) bite us if we tried to take something away from him that he should not have. We can now take anything away from him without any confrontation. We also had a very difficult time getting him to go into his crate. We can now do this very easily. Jerry is extremely knowledgeable and patient. He was very clear in explaining and showing us the training process. The methods are very natural and humane. We now know what we need to do to get and keep our dogs respect thanks to Jerry. Permalink
Daniel Island | June 06 2012
Our first session was great. Our dog made great progress and the daily training tasks were very successful. I would very much recommend Bark Busters! Permalink
Mt. Pleasant | June 06 2012
Although the first appointment was a lot for me to take in and absorb...going from a calm, submissive cocker spaniel (our previous dog) to our current adopted pit bull, Moose, a high energy, excitable, often stubborn, alpha dog....Michelle's advice and tips have been invaluable. Moose had many behavioral issues and with just a few sessions, most of them have been resolved. I have more confidence in myself now to deal with the the tougher issues and I feel that the rest of his problem behavior will soon disappear as well. I would highly recommend Bark Busters. Permalink
Joliet | June 06 2012
John was very good with our rescue dog Sahara, who was very nervous and timid at first. John was also accomodating to our busy schedule. We've already recommended John Sullivan and Bark Busters to a friend. Permalink
Joliet | June 06 2012
I appreciated that John listened to everything I had to say and didn't rush through the appointment. He took his time and waited until I was comfortable with each exercise. I definitely prefer his training collar versus the choke/pinch collar I was told to use by another dog trainer. I would recommend Bark Busters. Permalink
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Tigard | June 06 2012
Lisa has done a great job! We are very pleased with the techniques we are learning and realize the consistency on our part is the biggest hurdle. Each visit Bailey is showing improvement. I really like the training collar and the no treat policy. Growling is taking a little getting used to! The training experience has been very interesting to see Bailey's thought process. He is one tired 15 month old pup by the end of each session. I would definitely recommend Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors! Permalink