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El Cajon | January 18 2011
Justin has now helped us with not just one, but two dogs. My newest dog, Wendy, was so strong that when she jumped up she knocked me over. She also engaged in puppy biting and barking that was less than cute. She started to calm down within ten minutes of Justin's arrival. He was able to figure out what techniques would get through to her very quickly, and worked with me until I understood what to do. Within just one day, I was able to play with Wendy with a cup of coffee in my hand, something I have never been able to do. Justin is just wonderful. Permalink
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Naples | January 18 2011
Hondo, my Sheltie, not only showed results by the end of the one, two hour lesson. He showed results within minutes! I recommend Bark Busters and Patrick Logue. Permalink
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-Watts | January 18 2011
It was painless, enjoyable experience and we already have a more relaxed, happier home. Hunter, our German Shepherd Dog, gave us noticeable results by the end of one, two hour lesson. We appreciated the Bark Busters methods of good communication and "talking dog" versus the military tech training. The Bark Buster approach is more gentle rather than "taking him down." The techniques continue to be effective as on day one. We found Patrick Logue to be very patient, knowledgeable and while Hunter was tired at the end he in no way was traumatized. We recommend Bark Busters Home Dog Training. Permalink
Chicago | January 17 2011
Dear Marlene and Howard: Many Thanks for coming over to give us and Mr. Peabody a "refresher" session this weekend! Your presence was nothing short of magical. The Bark Busters system and principles are so sensible, and your way of presenting them so clear and enjoyable. We are so pleased to have invested in the lifetime Bark Busters support. It is the best thing we ever did for Mr. Peabody, after rescuing him from the pound! Best friendly regards, John, Teresa, Mia, & Mr. Peabody Permalink
Warren | January 17 2011
Lisa is very easy to talk to. I saw results during the FIRST lesson! Permalink
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Redford | January 17 2011
We saw noticeable improvements by the end of the first visit. After applying the method we saw more improvement after the first day. We were very pleased, but as with everything new and different, it takes some getting used to and breaking old habits. It was very interesting, informative and challenging! It is never enjoyable when one finds out they're the root cause. We would recommend Bark Busters without reservation but because of the commitment required it is not for everyone. Some would be better served with a stuffed toy. Permalink
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Southfield | January 17 2011
I would highly recommend Bark Busters because Maril immediately understood exactly how to handle Mazel, my hyper Jack Russel. Unfortunately I was doing some things wrong but she showed me how to change. Permalink
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Joliet | January 17 2011
John gave examples and explained the techniques in a way that was understandable and relate-able. Cinnamon (Pit Bull/Corgi) was successful at following all the commands and direction given. The training experience was interesting and enjoyable. I feel that I learned a great deal about my dog and her behaviors. John is a fantastic, positive and supportive dog trainer. I am feeling so much more confident about my dog's abilities. Bark Busters is a fantastic option for training. Permalink
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Romeoville | January 17 2011
The training techniques were easy to follow and understand. Pixie (Yorkshire Terrier) started to listen better because of the adjustments made by John. I like the training methods. They are not forceful or inhumane. I would definitely recommend John and Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors. Permalink
Joliet | January 17 2011
The training methods were easy to follow and understand. I observed a noticeable difference in my dog by the end of the training session. I was pleased with Bark Busters natural training methods. The trainer was not physical or forceful with my dog. The training experience was interesting and enjoyable. I realize the importance now of staying calm, otherwise I just made things worse. I would recommend Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors. Permalink