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Maumee | February 11 2012
Lesson was very informative and helpful. Permalink
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Bowling Green | February 11 2012
I was really impressed. I couldn't believe how quickly Harper's behaviors changed. Permalink
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Grand Rapids | February 11 2012
I would recommend Bark Busters because it is effective and Cheryl is well versed with training. Permalink
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Port Clinton | February 11 2012
Cheryl explained and answered all of our questions. By the end of the lesson, our dogs seemed much calmer and they do have the ability to learn and not be out of control. We love our dogs as family, the Bark Busters techniques weren't cruel. We found the training very fun and we learned. I defintiely would recommend Bark Busters! Permalink
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Toledo | February 11 2012
I was truly stunned by the improvement in my dogs' behavior. I would never have believed that changes could occur so quickly. Permalink
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Coventry | February 10 2012
We are pleased with Jeri and the training even with our dog who is a very stubborn puppy! We are seeing results. It was interesting to hear how dogs think. Even my 8 year old son could follow all the techniques. Permalink
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Pottstown | February 10 2012
Jeri has been very helpful and responsive as we try to resolve the behavioral issues we are having with our dog. Permalink
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Chester Springs | February 10 2012
Everything was explained in great detail. Murphy immediately began to respond to certain commands. We enjoyed not having to give our dog treats for everything! Jeri Wagner was very professional and very easy to talk to. She promptly responds to our questions and emails. Permalink
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Phoenixville | February 10 2012
Jeri reinforces what I knew I should work but didn't how to execute. She never made me feel stupid or inept in dealing with my doing. She was very understanding with both Daisy and me! Permalink
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Blue Bell | February 10 2012
It was amazing how effective the training is! I am amazed that we never needed treats to make the training work. The training was fun - never drawn out. This was the best training because it was done in our home where the majority of behaviors could be observed. Jeri is a superb trainer! She has made the experience so enjoyable and she is clear and concise. We have a better dog because of her! Permalink