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Fort Myers | March 01 2012
Bark Busters is thorough and friendly. I saw noticeable results by the end of one, two hour lesson and they continue to this day. Bark Busters is better than any other tech or product I have ever used to train my dog. Thank you Bark Busters. Permalink
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Naples | March 01 2012
After only two days, Murphy is responding to training techniques very well. Permalink
Waterford | February 29 2012
GREAT! It's INCREDIBLE how quickly a change in a dog's behavior can be achieved! Permalink
White Lake | February 29 2012
IT'S WORKING FOR SURE! John was patient with our family and Izzy. We originally selected Bark Busters because our youngest son had recently been bit by a dog, leaving him afraid of our puppy. The in-home techniques and training were helpful for him, especially to build confidence and feel safer around our puppy. The rest of the family felt the training to be great for Izzy! Permalink
Rochester Hills | February 29 2012
A POSITIVE EXPERIENCE FOR ALL OF US! Our quality of life on a daily basis has gotten much better. There is a dramatic difference in how I handle the dogs, and how they respond to training. Lisa really knows her stuff and made it fun! Even my 10 week old puppy wanted in on it! Permalink
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Tampa | February 29 2012
Great Training Session! I Learned a LOT! Permalink
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Tampa | February 29 2012
Kaite seemed more at ease from the first training session. I feel like I understand what Kaite needs from me more. Permalink
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Naples | February 29 2012
Exceeded expectations significantly. Permalink
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Bellevue | February 28 2012
Jack was recommended by my vet after my adoption of a Heinz 57 from a shelter. I learned so many things from watching him interact with my new dog. The behavior changes are amazing after only 3 sessions! I thought I knew a lot about dog behavior, having had dogs for most of my life, but this method is really fabulous and easy. He takes time to explain, demonstrate and then critique you as you try the new things. This really worked well for both me and the dog. I really recommend this trainer. Permalink
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Plymouth | February 28 2012
I appreciate the revisit forms with the notes given to me so that I can read and review. I was surprised and pleased when Sandy's behavior improved immediately. I was impressed with how well the techniques worked. Maril is very knowledgeable, professional and effective. I appreciate the quick response Maril always gives to my email questions. Permalink