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Johns Island | December 09 2010
Michelle was articulate, well-trained, and VERY clear with her instructions-very easy to understand! The results were amazing almost from the very beginning of the training period and remarkable by the end! Totally professional and enjoyable experience, a wonderful trainer in every way! The training had superior results for us and it seems to be an ideal way to structure training for dogs. IT'S NOT CHEAP; BUT IT'S ACTUALLY A BARGAIN CONSIDERING THE LIFETIME GUARANTEE OF HELP! Permalink
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Longmont | December 09 2010
My English Lab Ruby and I have both enjoyed working with Andrea-she is positive, cheerful and energetic, with lots of great suggestions on helping me train Ruby. I've learned that Ruby wants me to be the leader, and with Andrea's help, I've learned how to be a better leader. Ruby is physically very strong, and often strong willed, but by using Andrea's suggestions, I have seen progress in Ruby's behavior. Andrea has been very willing to come work with me even weekly when I felt I needed the extra help. While it has sometimes seemed magical how well Ruby responds to Andrea, I've learned that Ruby can learn how to respond to me as well, too. Andrea is very compassionate toward animals, but also understands the dynamics between animals and owners, too. I have been very pleased with Bark Busters, particularly the fact that I have been able to work with trainers in two states without paying any additional money. Permalink
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Kremmling | December 08 2010
I would like to give a "raving" review for Julie with Bark Busters! She came out to my home and met Sophie, my little Shih Tzu. Sophie was living the life of queen of our home and definitely had a few behavior issues! Julie showed me how to be the person in control..we worked on Sophie obeying when called to come and sitting and staying especially when company arrives at the house. I was amazed at the difference that just a few small changes made. I was impressed the manner in which the Bark Buster's program works to correct the bad behavior. Sophie adjusted very well and very quickly to the commands. I would highly recommend Julie and her services. Permalink
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Cape Coral | December 08 2010
We recommend Bark Busters of Southwest Florida. We have 3 Puggles with issues ranging from separation anxiety and sibling rivalry and a lot of progress was made within a short amount of time. Our house has been quiet since Patrick Logue left. Permalink
Chapel Hill | December 07 2010
I was amazed the times we met at how well our dog responded to the techniques used. The dog psychology behind the training makes perfect sense. My brother in S. C. was the one who told me about Bark Busters and I would recommend you to anyone. I am continuing to work with our dog, and I can see him wanting to please me. Thank you Jerry. Permalink
Brentwood | December 07 2010
Barbara Gazley of Bark Busters saved us from having to move! We live in a "55 and over Active Adults Community" and our Home Owners Association had received many calls about our dog's barking from the neighbors. We realized we had a problem and tried solving it by purchasing & trying many devices; any kind I could find in the vast barking control market-short of voice chord removal-mild shock collars, sprays, auditory feedback anti-bark devices, spending countless dollars and nothing worked as promised. We were on strike three of the H.O.A. warning notices, having to appear before the board of directors. I called Bark Busters the day I received that final warning letter and that call changed our lives. Barbara came to our home that week and patiently worked with us and our two "Alpha" female Portuguese Water Dogs, ages 4 & 5. Before Barbara came and educated us in dog behavior, I thought I was the "Alpha girl" in our home, but boy was I WRONG! What we took for normal behavior was actually our dogs controlling us! I have had dogs all my life, and one of our girls is even a show dog. Barbara has shown us how to make our home a happy and loving one in which no one is distressed, there is lots of love given and received, but now it's on our "Alpha human" terms. She is so positive, friendly and experienced, attends providing the latest great training ideas from Bark Busters that make our lives so much more enjoyable. Now if we could just get the dogs in the neighborhood yards near us to stop barking...BAH! (o: Permalink
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Orange | December 07 2010
I didn't think my dog was trainable because she is very head strong. Richard and Vicki had her under control within minutes. I guess there is hope for her. Permalink
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West Chester | December 05 2010
After one and a half years owning Charlie, behavior classes, prong collar, getting 7 stitches over my eye from a fall, many sprained fingers from being pulled as well as pulled muscles in my back, neck and arms, Charlie responded well after 1 week with Bark Busters. Instead of running away from me 2-3 times a day because he is so strong, in 1 week he only ran away twice! I observed noticeable results after a few minutes! I have already recommended Bark Busters to my friends. Bark Busters is wonderful and saved Charlie from being sent back to La Mancha Rescue. Alan Croasdale is the best! Permalink
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Montgomery Village | December 05 2010
We noticed an improvement in our dog's behavior on the leash after the very first session. With Jim's help, we are learning how to effectively communicate with our dog and become the leaders of our "pack." Jim was thorough, patient, and creative. He knows his stuff, and we look forward to working with him and Bark Busters in the future. Thank you, Jim! Permalink
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Nicholasville | December 03 2010
Kendra responded to my inquiry right away! She was friendly and very knowledgeable. I would recommend Bark Busters because it has already facilitated changes in Zuzu. Very worth it! Permalink