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Aurora | April 20 2010
Excellent training. Layla immediately quit jumping up within 10 minutes of the session. I've spent months trying to break her of this. I learned a lot of very helpful tips and look forward to learning more. Layla and I both enjoy practicing the training. I've already recommended Bark Busters to a friend. The training has already made a huge difference just after one session. After 3 months, I can only imagine the difference! Permalink
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Denver | April 20 2010
Robin was amazing! Peanut's crazed barking frenzies have nearly disappeared. Permalink
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Joliet | April 19 2010
I found the Bark Busters training experience to be very enjoyable. It was a very pleasant learning experience. I would recommend John Sullivan to my friends and neighbors. Permalink
Rochester | April 19 2010
I found it very interesting to learn about how dogs think and where they get their behaviors. John did an excellent job of explaining everything so that even my 11-year-old understood. It is amazing how simple sounds can make my dog listen and obey my commands. I can't believe what a difference these training techniques have made. My dog is no longer barking at the dogs around us and is coming when called. It is so enjoyable to be outside again! Thanks, John! Permalink
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Milwaukee | April 19 2010
I learned a lot on the first day! I wish Nikki could have stayed. The training experience was very interesting and enjoyable. We would recommend Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors. Permalink
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Oak Creek | April 19 2010
Nikki took the time to make sure we understood everything she was telling/showing us. We still have a lot of work to do and some big challenges ahead, but the results after the first day were amazing. I was very unsure at first. I treated the dogs more like little people than dogs, so at first I wasn't so sure about some of the things like: no dogs on the furniture or in bed, etc., but it is working wonders. I didn't understand the pack mentality or the fact that we needed to be the dominant leaders. Nikki showed us how to train and lead while building a strong bond with our dogs. We would recommend Bark Busters! This is by far the most successful training around. The lifetime plan gives me peace of mind that if we work hard, but if we stumble, Bark Busters will be there with excellent suggestions and advice to help us along! Permalink
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Wauwatosa | April 19 2010
Nikki was AWESOME!!! She explained things and answered all questions! I think Max has realized his place in one session. Nikki took extra time to work with Max and us on certain things. We didn't feel rushed. Nikki makes it fun!! She has a great people/dog personality. I'll be talking nothing but positives. Very happy! Laura and I are very pleased. Coming from a military background, I'm always skeptical. But I am very pleased. Money well spent. Permalink
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McMinnville | April 19 2010
We were able to follow all the techniques and see why it would help. The dogs were calmer. My sister came over the next day and could see a big difference. You can see the dogs wanted to learn. The training was easy to do. The dogs like doing the exercises. We got really sick during training, and Dick was very helpful to get the training back on track once we got better. Permalink
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Orland Park | April 18 2010
I observed noticeable results with 10 minutes of the training. I found the experience very interesting. I was not expecting it to be anything like that. I would recommend Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors because if it could work on my crazy dog, it can work on every dog. Permalink
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Lemont | April 18 2010
Vicky was very clear and patient-very easy to follow. I found that Adin was easy to train and smarter than I knew. The program is very humane-dog and people friendly. I had fun, and so did Adin. I would recommend Bark Busters because it was easy, fun to learn-helpful. I really believe that this experience will enhance the relationship between Adin and I. Permalink