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Orlando | June 16 2008
Jim explained the training techniques clearly and it was easy to understand and to implement. I saw unbelievable results with my dog at the first visit. Bella and I had fun and we both learned a lot. I will definitely recommend Jim and Bark Busters to everyone I know! Permalink
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Louisville | June 16 2008
Excellent training program! Amazing results!! Permalink
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Fort Myers | June 13 2008
We would definitely recommend Bark Busters. In just a few days, we're seeing progress. Patrick made an excellent presentation. The visuals used were very helpful and we like having the "Quick Reference Training Reminder" pamphlet and training instructions. We were pleased to be introduced to techniques that do not "punish" by physical means or reward with food treats. We observed noticeable results by the end of the training. We particularly noticed a change when answering the door. Sarah Lee (our Havanese) showed potential, as did Larry and Barbara! We learned a lot about the nature of the "pack." We liked that our therapist let us know exactly what to expect and how much work would be involved in "retraining" our 6-year-old dog who is very set in her ways. Permalink
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Maumee | June 13 2008
AMAZING!!! It will be convenient not to have to carry treats. This training can be applied to other dogs and it's worth the $$. Would have fun at a Bark Busters get-together type of practice class or a BB obedience competitions. Permalink
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Waterville | June 13 2008
It's effective!! Permalink
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Bowling Green | June 13 2008
Fun, informative, exhaustingly complete! THANK YOU!! Permalink
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Toledo | June 13 2008
Cheryl was endlessly patient, kind and considerable. My dog had been rushed by an off-leash dog -- I had poor control before the lesson -- much better after. The vocal tones takes getting used to. found the experience enjoyable and interesting. I would recommend BB. I GOT RESULTS!! Permalink
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Temperence | June 13 2008
Cheryl was very friendly and great with my puppy. Permalink
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Point Place | June 13 2008
Chery was very through-gave me the time I needed and explained and showed me until I felt comfortable. I was amazed at the quick results. I was very pleased with Bark Busters. I found the training enjoyable and Cheryl was very knowledgeable. Permalink
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Swanton | June 13 2008
I was very surprised how fast the puppy responded. Permalink