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Voorhees | February 23 2012
Kurt was very clear and confident in his methods. We loved that. Roxy is a different dog...everyone agrees. The training makes sense. Kurt was so nice and a real pleasure to work with!!! We would be happy to recommend Kurt. We give Kurt a 10 out of 10!!!!! He was awesome. It was a pleasure to have Kurt in our home! Permalink
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Jamison | February 23 2012
"I went to Peddlers Village today, but I think your regular weekly walk will be more fun! Everybody I met said I was very cute and well behaved." Thanks to Pete! Permalink
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Naples | February 23 2012
I was very nervous - June and Colin eased my mind and were great! I am so relieved this problem is being taken care of. Permalink
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Kathy R Placitas, New Mexico | February 23 2012
Thank you Jim. Very professional, caring and patient toward our dogs.Noticed immediate results with the puppy, and with the older dogs the next day as we repeated the techniques! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Jumping up, Pulling, Puppy management, Recall, Separation anxiety, Sibling rivalry
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Slingerlands | February 22 2012
Prefer natural training over treats - our dog is food obsessed! Great to have the trainer come to the home - less distracting and can see the dog's "bad" behaviors first-hand. It felt good to learn techniques to take command of my household. Permalink
Milford | February 22 2012
Very easy & and the instructions were clear to understand. Maril clearly showed us how Linus could respond positively if we followed this training. It was amazing & encouraging to see. We went from a dog of chaos to a puppy who was under control in 2 hours. We know we will get results without treats, threats and zap collars! I am a child counselor. I like to know the "why" behind the behavior - this method explains the why and how to correct the mis-behavior in a way the adult is respected and in control. For dogs, I didn't know how to do this until Maril explained it. It is a humane method everyone can use and it works!! Permalink
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Perrysburg | February 22 2012
Got a dog or just care about dogs? This is where you want to be. Permalink
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Ballston Spa | February 22 2012
I was very nervous - this was our last attempt to be able to keep our dogs. She made it very simple and basic knowing how nervous I was. I was amazed to see a difference so soon. It was surprising to see how they react to just the tone of your voice. We were really at our last straw with these dogs and as part of our family the thought of losing them was horrible. If it can work for us it can work for anyone. You have to give these animals a chance. Permalink
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Forest Grove | February 22 2012
Dick wrote everything out so it was easy to remember. Many friends have commented that they already see improvement. No treat training or clicker...awesome. The training is interesting and enjoyable - easy to follow and well structured. We are very pleased with our progress and look forward to our next session. Permalink
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Bechtelsville | February 22 2012
We really needed help with our two Pomeranians. They were jumping up and barking at anyone who came to our door. Bark Busters' Donald Cohen helped educate us by showing and demonstrating how the training was supposed to take place. We saw some noticeable results at the beginning but have to continue working on the "passive dominance" that our dogs try and use on us. We are very pleased with Bark Busters natural training techniques as using treats is too inconvenient. We would recommend Donald and Bark Busters to our friends. The in-house barking has improved and our dogs will sit/stay for up to one minute! Permalink