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Mt. Pleasant | June 16 2010
After trying some other training techniques with poor results, Bark Busters performed miracles with my 5-month-old German shorthaired pointer. We still have a lot of work to do, but Cooper is now a manageable puppy. Bark Busters is well worth the investment! Permalink
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Ames | June 16 2010
Our trainer (Deb) was excellent! In fact, the whole training experience was excellent, and we would recommend this training to anybody needing help with a puppy. Permalink
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North Hills | June 16 2010
Scott is truly an amazing trainer. He came to our home, and in less than a month, our dog Bailey did a complete, 100% turnaround. He started listening to us and walking on a leash, rather than pulling us, and now has the ability to get along with our new puppy. At times, we just can't believe the changes that have occurred since we hired Scott. He is truly an asset to Bark Busters. We will continue to highly recommend him to anyone we know that may be in need of an excellent dog trainer. Permalink
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Oxford | June 16 2010
Richard and Vicki were very responsive to the needs of our children and the level of involvement they needed. Permalink
Pedricktown | June 16 2010
Karen and Alan: Sorry I have not been in touch since you came to help with Duke. I have been pretty busy lately. I just wanted you both to know that Duke is doing great with all of his training. He does sit and stay perfect now, no more little mess-ups; he still needs reminding every now and again about waiting while people go up the steps, but he's getting there. He will now allow people to walk out the door while he stands back and watches, and he no longer jumps when someone walks through the door. The barking is still pretty constant, but we are making progress a little at a time. We have followed the steps we took to train the other dogs as well. He follows commands so much better now, it's unbelievable! His leash walking has improved very much, although we still have a little bit of a problem with strange dogs. I just wanted to thank the both of you for helping me turn Duke into the dog I knew he could be! Permalink
West Chester | June 16 2010
I felt the pace was perfect-calming and relaxing. I learned, but I didn't feel overwhelmed. I observed noticeable results immediately. My dogs are much more relaxed now, and so am I. I was worried that I would be told to be much more strict-no dogs on the bed-but Alan worked with me and adjusted my inclinations to work with Bark Busters' training. I was really nervous before Alan showed up, but within minutes felt relieved and grateful. I am very happy with the support and training I am receiving! I can't tell you how pleased I am with Bark Busters. Obviously, the work continues-it's not a once-and-done program, but the training is changing everything for the better! Permalink
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Lachaun S Walker, Michigan | June 16 2010
Ken related the techniques to everyday life situations, which made them more clear. Reese picked up (or maybe I picked up) on what I was trying to express immediately. I felt more at ease using these techniques with my puppy and he responded immediately. I would highly recommend this low stress way to train and better communicate with your canine family member. I am very pleased with our training sessions... Permalink
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Hickory | June 15 2010
Butch was recommended to me by Catawba County Animal Services to help me with my dog Dazee, a puppy mill rescue. Since I planned on babysitting two dogs, I was concerned about how Dazee would be because she did not do well last year when I kept my nephew's dog. She was aggressive toward her and other dogs when she met them. Butch asked me to arrange a "play date" for Dazee and the other two dogs. He taught me what to do to reduce the differences between the dogs. He taught me how to use the Bark Busters home training tool. It works wonders. He also taught me what to do to keep Dazee from barking and nipping at visitors' heels. Dazee has done so well with all the training, and she became fast friends with the other dogs who visited and now my nephew's dog that I'm keeping for a few days. Can't believe the difference in her from last year when I kept my nephew's dog and it was like World War III. Best of all, the people who come to my home comment on what a difference they can see in her. She is so much calmer. I could not be happier with the techniques Butch taught me. He told me before he left that if I needed help when I had the dogs...just call him. He is a professional who knows his job well and who met all of my expectations. (Since I watch Animal Planet's dog trainers...they were rather high.) Thanks to him, I know my dog is a happier girl and I'm a much less concerned owner knowing she's not aggressive. In other words, if you or someone you know need help with your dog...what are you waiting on...PLEASE ask Butch Williams to help you. You will be glad you did. A BIG THANK YOU, Butch, from Dazee and me. Permalink
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Elmwood Park | June 15 2010
Bella greets me without jumping up now. She didn't even need the training aid. She just needed my command. I still continue to use the training-especially on walks. I work at Addison Animal Hospital, and I have recommended it to many clients and include the information in our puppy kits. Permalink
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Elmhurst | June 15 2010
We are so glad we started the Bark Busters training program when Sammy was a young puppy, instead of waiting until problems occurred. With Chris's help we are molding Sammy into a well-behaved puppy who treats us and our children with respect. We achieve this without being physical or aggressive. How fabulous! Learning about dog psychology has also been enlightening. Permalink