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Lockport | March 30 2011
Great presentation. John was very knowledgeable and friendly. He's the new Dog Whisperer! Permalink
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Mt. Kisco | March 30 2011
It was amazing how quickly Ernie responded. Thank you very much for saving Ernie for us! We had taken him back to the shelter. Your teaching us how to train him let us give him another chance. He is now a WUNDERDOG! Permalink
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Nixa | March 30 2011
My family's dog Smokie is a recent addition to the household and had severe aggression problems including ferocious barking, snarling and biting. He reacted strongly to my presence in the house and I could never be near him for fear of being bitten. After Stan's visit Smokie is a whole new dog! Using simple commands and easy training methods the whole family can use, Smokie now follows me around the house and cuddles with me on the couch. I can hardly believe how well behaved and friendly he is now! I definitely recommend Bark Busters and am so thankful for Stan's help! Permalink
Middleton | March 29 2011
I am fostering a dog for a local rescue since mid-January 2011. She is a 4-6 year old Bichon/Maltese and is a retired breeder puppy mill dog that has lived her entire life in a cage. She is however a sweetheart but very shy and entirely untrained. We've patiently worked with her and she's made improvements but we hit a wall with her separation anxiety and nothing was working. She bonded with me to the extent that if she left my side she would bark uncontrollably until I returned. To make the matters worse, when she was anxious and barked she lost control and always pooped in the house. I called Greg who picked up and he agreed to promptly visit us for a private session. He was very generous to not charge for this consultation since this was a foster dog, which was highly appreciated by us and the rescue. To say that Greg was outstanding is an understatement. He first set and talked with us to understand the problem and the environment around the dog. Then, he was able to make the dog stay though we had never been able to do this, and he worked on basic obedience and separation anxiety. Greg managed to immediately control the dog and put her in a calm state of mind, as I left the house several times practicing realistic scenarios that had been problematic until that time. Greg patiently helped us understand how to communicate with the dog; he gave a presentation of the Bark Busters methodology, and showed us how to use training tools indoors/outdoors. The results were instantaneous, amazing and fantastic, there has been no more barking since his visit. Greg returned for a follow up visit and also e-mailed us specific instructions and homework in order to keep up the great Bark Buster leadership training. He also gave us handout materials for further reading. I say it without hesitation that Greg is the best dog trainer I have worked with and I very highly recommend him. He has helped change the fate of this rescue dog from unadoptable to entirely adoptable, and he has single-handedly ensured that this dog who has had a horrible past will now have a home sweet home to call her own. Thank you very much, Greg! Permalink
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Steve H San Antonio, Texas | March 29 2011
Instructions were very clear. Therapist availability to answer question very helpful. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Jumping up, Other, Pulling, Puppy management, Recall, Toileting
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Naples | March 28 2011
It was wonderful to see immediate positive results with our little Mia. Permalink
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Lodi | March 26 2011
Barbara is very enjoyable and explains the techniques so both Zoey and I know what to expect from each other. I was really impressed with the training sessions. I felt that Zoey is learning from them. Permalink
Denver | March 26 2011
I am amazed how well my dog is responding! Robin explained the training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. Results by the end of first training! Very pleased with the natural Bark Buster's techniques. The training was interesting and enjoyable and I will recommend Bark Busters to everyone. Permalink
Aurora | March 26 2011
Robin made the training enjoyable. Very pleased with Bark Busters and will recommend them to friends and neighbors! Permalink
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Happy Valley | March 26 2011
Dick was clear in his teaching - interesting and easy to understand. The dogs were already responding to some of the things they were shown. It's nice not having to have treats handy. In fact, I actually enjoyed my dogs and was proud of them. I've already recommended Bark Busters. Dick was really positive and encouraging. I was surprised and pleased he checked on us after a few days. Permalink