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Fort Myers Beach | February 22 2011
Patrick Logue and Bark Busters took the fear I had and replaced it with understanding. Patrick had many great expressions and examples when explaining the natural, pleasing training techniques used by Bark Busters. We love the methods used by Bark Busters. The results are, AMAZING! We will absolutely be pleased to tell pet owners about Bark Busters. Permalink
Bowie | February 22 2011
Sharon is a miracle worker. She came to our house 1 week ago and we already feel like we have a new dog. She explained and demonstrated all of the training techniques very well and he responded quickly to them. Dasher, our 80 pound puppy, no longer jumps on people (Thank you Sharon!!), he stays and comes when called, and our friends can finally come through the front door without being trampled. Sharon was professional and we felt very comfortable with her in our home. She was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all of our questions thoroughly. We are very grateful that we chose Bark Busters and will recommend Sharon Kondash to any of our friends or family members who have dogs. Thank you Sharon!!! Permalink
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White Plaines | February 21 2011
Fantastic! Bailey immediately stopped barking. Professional, friendly, VERY RESPONSIVE, supportive. Mark seemed to care about Stella & Bailey. Permalink
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Fort Myers | February 20 2011
I have a different dog! Patrick Logue with Bark Busters Home Dog Training explained the pleasing, natural training techniques and they were very easy to understand, very humane and easy to do. Patrick is quite personable. Simply put, with Bark Busters you get great results with easy to understand techniques and quick feedback. I recommend Bark Busters. Permalink
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Jill M San Antonio, Texas | February 20 2011
Would recommend her again and again! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Other, Pulling, Puppy management, Recall
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Tucson | February 19 2011
A few years ago, I rescued a little Boston Terrier who was found by a couple of young women who found him wandering around downtown and thought he was a Boxer. A friend from a Boxer Rescue group brought him to my home. He has been an experience! Charlie had many, many issues, he was distrustful, frightened of everything, aggressive and always moving, never quiet...always on alert. I went the route of obedience and pet training, but nothing was effective, and he was not a very lovable little guy. Then my vet gave me Gerard's card, this was after an aggressive incident occurred at her office. Calling Gerard's number was the best move I'd made to that point. From the very first visit, I was encouraged that there was hope for Charlie and me! I learned at the first visit that I had to become more calm and assertive in my actions....growling back at him was certainly a new tool...It's been a long road, but Charlie has finally become a pleasant roommate, and tries very hard to please me. He is a little fireball, still very intense, is on medication to calm and relax him. I can't credit Gerard enough, he has been our rock through this whole process. He has gone the extra mile, going to the vet and groomer with us. Always available when we had problems or questions to be dealt with. I feel so good that I know I can be in touch with him at any time and he will always get back to me right away.We would recommend Gerard to anyone who has a dog with issues they don't know how to deal with. He will be the answer to your prayers! We love you Gerard, thanks. Permalink
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Naples | February 18 2011
Colin gave the best explanation (of the training techniques) I've ever been given. It all made sense. Within 30 minutes I noticed improvement and it kept going. No unusual techniques, all techniques were easy and they work. The whole training experience was so interesting and enjoyable that I didn't want them to go, neither did my dog. Very enjoyable. I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters! Cesar Millan who? These trainers are the best you could want. The trainers made me understand my role and how it affected my dog. Genius! Permalink
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Naples | February 17 2011
Our six month old Havanese, Charlie Brown, seems relieved that he is no longer in charge of our house. In one, two hour lesson, Patrick Logue and Bark Busters, taught us natural training techniques that gave us noticeable results by the end of the lesson. Permalink
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Lockport | February 16 2011
The techniques were easy to follow and understand. We observed noticeable results right away. We liked the fact that the trainer was not physically abusive to our dogs. We found the training to be interesting, enjoyable and very useful. We would recommend John Sullivan and Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors. Permalink
Lockport | February 16 2011
John explained the techniques very thoroughly and showed us how to do it. It was hard to believe how quickly our dog responded. We were pleased with Bark Busters natural training methods. Other training that we put our dog through did not work. We found the entire training experience to be interesting and enjoyable. John answered questions we didn't even realize we had. We would recommend Bark Busters to our friends. Permalink