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Evanston | October 15 2010
We have a rescue pointer-mix, Gordon, who had been in a number of dog fights and had bitten a person in the five months we had him. Marlene and Howard's first visit calmed Gordon down noticeably. And that Marlene and Howard are now his trainers just took the pressure off and has given us the tools to keep him calm, to bond with us, to bit by bit teach him the behaviors that have yielded a beautiful, loving pet. Gordon almost seemed to sense the day he met them that all was now well. Many many small successes and steps keep building a better and better relationship between him and us and with our neighbors and their dogs. He's not a done deal, but we now know what to do. The Bark Busters program together with Marlene and Howard gave us hope and tangible progress when the week before they came, we had called the rescue org to return him. We have had no incidents with other dogs or with people since that day. He might still get excited but he has not gotten out of control because we correct him and guide him with positive methods so he knows what to do and believes we are in control. Though he still tests us a bit, the tests are becoming fewer. The walk is now a pleasure rather than such physical exertion the way it was before. We highly recommend Marlene and Howard for anyone who has a dog that needs training. Period. There is no abuse involved in their training methods. The methods are sound and sure and produce results and have from the first day. Permalink
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Weston | October 14 2010
Thank you a million times over for your help yesterday. I can't believe this is the same dog. I was almost at the end of my rope and thought training Lola to walk without taking me for a serious drag was almost impossible. I'm amazed at how effective your training is and how much I'm enjoying walking with my girl. Permalink
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Farmington | October 13 2010
Maril has helped us to see considerable improvements in our dog Louie in just a short time. Excellent in every category! Permalink
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Commerce | October 13 2010
The explanations were very easy to understand and what motivates a dog and how to establish dominance without aggression. Things I interpreted as "being a good communicator" on my dog's behalf were really signs of her dominance. It was very eye-opening. The rules are simple to implement. Our dog had stopped jumping and was sitting and staying within one session. The third session was a "breakthrough" session on the leash-my dog went from an uncontrollable, pulling dog on the leash to a very controlled, by-my-side dog. This was accomplished by learning how to hold and correct her on the leash and by learning to read my dog's actions and body language and correct the bad behavior before it happens. I like the non-aggressive approach to training, especially since we have a sensitive dog. We had fun while making huge progress. Maril teaches you how to avoid getting frustrated if things aren't going well. In my case-short and repeated training worked best. When the lesson wasn't going well, it was a matter of slowing down and regaining control. I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters. I know what a well-behaved dog should be and I feel I have learned skills to help me train my current dog as well as any future dogs we may have. Well worth the money spent and so convenient as well! Permalink
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Fort Myers | October 13 2010
A little confusing at first, but once the techniques were acted out and demonstrated it was very easy to pick up what was to be accomplished. Our beagle, Bruschi, responded quite well with not jumping up as much. The natural methods used by Bark Busters are something I looked for in a trainer. Prong collars are not necessary. Throughout the lesson things were pointed out and really forced us to think about the methods we were being taught. I recommend Bark Busters because they work with you, are friendly, reasonably priced and have a guarantee! Permalink
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Ponte Vedra Beach | October 13 2010
Linda was phenomenal! She was able to communicate the training techniques clearly and demonstrated them very effectively. She provided an excellent example to follow. Linda went above and beyond exceeding my expectations. She was encouraging and very helpful. I really like the lifetime guarantee and feel like I am getting an excellent value for my investment. Permalink
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St. Louis | October 13 2010
After the first session, the difference was remarkable. My friends who were skeptical were amazed at how well Auggie, Bella and Lucy listened. I learned a lot about why they acted the way they did. Kathy is the best! She made training easy and fun. My dogs were so much more behaved with her around. Thank you. Permalink
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West Haven | October 13 2010
They not only provide training to your dog, but train you. In one visit I was able to learn how to communicate with my dog in a way he could understand and without offering rewards, such as treats, to get him to do simple commands. Wonderful people to have working with my dog and myself. That is the key. They are not just here for my dog, but for me as well. Permalink
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Sherwood | October 13 2010
The advantage was that Dick is a third party and the family listened and practiced the same techniques he showed us. There is no silver bullet but we made awesome progress. We expect our dogs will behave "like Mike" someday. :) Thanks Bark Busters! Permalink
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Waterbury | October 12 2010
This has been such an encouraging and supportive training experience. I have noticed continued improvement with our dog since day one. Permalink