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Gainesville | August 04 2011
Laura made all the 'pieces' of our dog's 'puzzle' come together and made perfect, understandable sense out of it. We almost couldn't believe our eyes in Duncan's responsiveness with just one visit! We are absolutely pleased with the Bark Busters natural training techniques!!! Laura is so professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with her. Laura's visit and true concern for our dog's well being as well as our satisfaction with the process was just wonderful. Permalink
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Naples | August 03 2011
I learned a lot about my dogs behavior and why in a way that was easy to follow and understand. I was pleased with their natural training techniques - no torture chains (collars). I have already recommended Bark Busters to a woman in Petsmart! Permalink
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Weston | August 03 2011
Hello Robin, I wanted to thank you for everything and update you on Bentley's progress; after the training session that Thursday we had a BBQ on that Sunday and he was being so friendly that we took his muzzle off and kept him on his leash for about 30 mins to see and he was friendly to everyone. We then let him off his leash and all he did was play with all the guests. He was playing in the pool and giving everyone kisses! Thank you again!! Permalink
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St. Augustine | August 03 2011
Linda made training easy and explained everything extremely well. Jasper improved immediately. I couldn't believe it. I was surprised that there were no treats or any choke collars used. Linda was sweet and made the training personable and fun! I'm so pleased with the progress! I cannot wait to tell everyone! Thanks for making my dog so wonderful! Permalink
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Ankeny | August 03 2011
We were very pleased with Bark Busters - saw noticeable changes in Roxy after the first training session! Deb was great! She explained the techniques clearly and we find this natural way of training to be excellent. Though it has been a pain to work with our dog at times, the techniques work. I've told several people about Bark Busters. The proof is in the pudding! Permalink
Troy | August 02 2011
John said we'd have fun, AND WE DID! We were very surprised -- The techniques seem to work RIGHT AWAY! Our neighbors have ALREADY seen a difference in the dog's behavior! Permalink
Royal Oak | August 02 2011
THE TRAINING IS VERY GOOD! You learn about the dog's point of view and that helps you to understand how and why they do things. It has been TREMENDOUSLY HELPFUL in training my dog. My dog is a much happier dog because he now knows he doesn't have to be the leader. I'VE TAKEN OVER. I'm not always having to carry a treat around with me, so he doesn't have to decide if the treat is worth it. HE JUST OBEYS THE COMMAND!! Permalink
Troy | August 02 2011
John made things EASY! My 6½ month old mini Schnauzer was showing MUCH improvement. It WORKS!!! Permalink
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Cape Coral | August 02 2011
I just wanted to share with you how well Guido (the big rott from FL and WI) is doing. He really listens and has finally learned the back leash (after several corrections, he is still stubborn after all). He has been wonderful with all house guests. He has been great around my granddaughter. My daughter got married last weekend and we had a house full of strangers. He seemed to enjoy all the chaos and just sat calm as can be in the middle of all the preparations and strangers running about. I was very proud of the dog you helped us to mold. Thanks so much for ending my stress and frustration, and giving Guido a life we can all enjoy. Also, my newly married daughter is planning on adopting a shelter dog in the coming weeks and I plan on sharing all my Bark Busters knowledge with her. Permalink
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Naples | August 02 2011
Bert responded to the training very well. He seemed calm and relaxed after 1 session! I learned a lot of simple, everyday techniques. Overall great so far. I look forward to continuing to work with Colin. Permalink