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Littleton | January 31 2008
From the short time Kathy came into our home until she left, our dog, Sparky, changed from a dog that was confused and defiant to a well-behaved, relaxed happy guy. I think the training Kathy did to us humans in order to better understand canine language made all the difference. Permalink
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Highlands Ranch | January 31 2008
What a difference a day makes! I am amazed at how simple and easy this method was for me to learn how to relate to my dog. Amber has responded remarkably. She understands she doesn't have to jump up to get my attention. This is great! Permalink
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Parker | January 31 2008
40 years as a dog owner and 30 years as a veterinarian did not prepare me for the problems we had with this dog. Two lessons with Bark Busters made her a new and vastly improved member of our household. Words can't tell you how pleased we all are with the changes! I wish I had used you first instead of taking 20 weeks of traditional training with her. Permalink
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Peachtree City | January 31 2008
The results were AMAZING! In less than a week, my 6-month-old puppy is better behaved and responding to my commands. I've already been bragging about the Bark Busters program. I liked Barry's emphasis on the importance of socialization and look forward to Barry bringing his dogs to help Sundance interact with other dogs. I also love the lifetime guarantee in case we need further help in the future. Permalink
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Clermont | January 31 2008
Jim explained the training techniques in a clear and interesting way and I saw immediate results with my dog in the first session. I have already recommended Bark Busters to several neighbors. Permalink
Windermere | January 31 2008
Jim was very courteous and knowledgeable. Thank You!! Permalink
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Davenport | January 31 2008
Jim was very pleasant and knowledgeable and he explained the techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. Permalink
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Lafayette | January 30 2008
The training techniques are very easy to follow and it was amazing to see Ellie following the commands immediately. I am very pleased with Bark Busters and think that it is common sense techniques when you stop and think about it. I definitely recommend Bark Busters I think it would help any dog owner with any type of problems. Permalink
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Broussard | January 30 2008
We are on our way to solving the only problem we could not solve with the help of Bark Busters. Amazing! By the end of the first half hour, Bugs was following the sit & stay command. I would recommend Bark Buster training to any dog owner. Permalink
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New Iberia | January 30 2008
Pauline answered all our questions, demonstrated the techniques and is very knowledgeable and helpful. I saw immediate results. I recommend Bark Busters because it really works. Permalink