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Odessa | May 18 2009
Cathy's chart and voice were easy to follow. All three of my dogs would not pass the invisible boundary I set up for them in regards to visitors arriving at my front door. I was very happy with the natural training methods, I had not been comfortable with the other methods I had researched before hiring Bark Busters. It was interesting to finally see how I has been confusing my dogs. We were at our wits end and now I have the tools to be able to have three dogs and three kids and actually have time for myself! Permalink
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Mount Laurel | May 18 2009
Chase was a new dog by the end of the training. Kurt was very pleasant and amusing. He made the training fun. Our neighbors keep asking what happened to your dog? He no longer barks when people walk by. Permalink
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Shamong | May 18 2009
Kurt is awesome. He is very patient. I wasn't completely sold after the initial visit...I am now!! I would recommend Kurt to my friends and family. Permalink
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Cherry Hill | May 18 2009
We really enjoyed working with Kurt. He is very knowledgeable and patient. He made the whole experience very positive for both us and our dog! Permalink
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Collingswood | May 18 2009
Kurt was thorough,patient and very clear while working with my two daughters, me and our three dogs. We were amazed by the almost instantaneous difference in our dogs' behaviors while Kurt worked with them and showed us what to do. The techniques were simple and much easier to implement than I expected. The first session of three hours with our three dogs flew by! I was excited to begin working with our dogs after seeing the results we got with just the first lesson! I have told several friends and our next door neighbor about Bark Busters. Family and friends had noticed a difference in just the first two weeks of training. Permalink
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Eastampton | May 18 2009
It is amazing the changes we've seen with our dog. He's so calm & attentive. Permalink
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Loveland | May 18 2009
I was amazed at the changes in our dogs after just the first session with Carol. We had never been able to enjoy walking the dogs due to constant tugging, but after just one session, we were able to take each of the dogs for a walk past all of the barking neighborhood dogs without any pulling! We couldn't believe how easy it was when Carol taught us the right techniques. Our dogs are also much calmer in the house now and we're so excited about the changes. I tell everyone I know who's struggling with dog training to call Carol! Permalink
Walpole | May 17 2009
I am the director of a dog rescue, so I know a lot about training dogs. However, when two of my male dogs began fighting with each other to establish who was going to be the alpha male in our own 'pack' of five dogs, I was at a loss as to how to effectively prevent the fights. People told me 'you gotta call Paulette.' --Well, that was the best thing I could have done! In just one two hour session, Paulette equipped me with the techniques I needed to keep my two boys from skirmishing. Before Paulette came, they were fighting two or three times a week. After Paulette, there have been maybe two very minor skirmishes over the past six months! And I could have prevented even those had I been supervising better. I was also able to learn a technique for walking my strongest male on leash without him pulling. I had tried several other techniques prior to Paulette's training, but I still ended up with a sore arm walking him. He now walks nicely on loose leash and looks to me for direction--without my having to use prong collar (which hurts the dog) or even a Gentle Leader harness. The Bark Busters technique is so impressive (and so makes sense!) We now highly recommend this form of training for all of our rescue dogs and their families. Permalink
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Fort Myers | May 17 2009
Patrick is a very good communicator. He used easy to understand analogies when explaining the natural, pleasing Bark Busters Home Dog Training techniques. We had a lot of questions and even though we did not allow much time to practice, we did notice some results by the end of the training. We pleased with the ideas and explanations given and need to put them to use. We found the training lesson to be interesting and enjoyable. Again, great communication and patience with our questions. Patrick has an easy going personality. We already named off several people we are ready to recommend Bark Busters for them to use. We don't like going to their homes because of their ill-trained pets! We feel confident and are excited about the Bark Busters Home Dog Training program! Permalink
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Ottawa | May 16 2009
Very knowledgeable and effective trainer. I really like having the training schedule chart to complete. I would recommend Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors. Permalink