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Greendale | June 28 2010
Our 2-year-old female puggle was way out of control and recently had started snapping at our 8-month-old baby. We had two options: it was to get her to completely change or to get rid of her. Jan came over and showed us things that were actually working! She made us realize that this whole time our dog thought that she was the pack leader. It is only day 2, and already we notice a difference! I can't believe we will eventually have a normal dog! Permalink
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Portland | June 27 2010
Dick was excellent in showing charts and explaining what to do. Cisco is a challenge. We continue to see positive results. We hope and trust that the main reason we called Bark Busters will get resolved. The techniques were presented well, but they are difficult to implement on your own. Dick makes it look easy. I have already recommended Bark Busters to three families. We are very pleased with the program. We believe Cisco was traumatized in some manner before Project Pooch rescued him from a shelter. He has a terrible time while on the leash and seeing other dogs. He does great at doggy day care and a dog park. We are working on this with Dick. The program has helped to make Cisco the perfect dog in the house and at home in the yard. Your program is gentle and does work. It does take practice with the family. We think Dick is an excellent trainer and very patient. He really spent time listening to our frustrations. He has been very quick to return calls and answer questions. Our 10-year-old son Robert did his school current event report on Bark Busters in May 2010. We love our Cisco so much. We thank you as a family for working with us. We so hope that this situation will become easier so Cisco and all of us feel safer and happier. Permalink
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Marco Island | June 26 2010
I found the training experience to be interesting and enjoyable, and I would recommend Bark Busters. Permalink
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Naples | June 26 2010
Lucky's attention span was greatly improved by the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters. I have already recommended them to two other people. Permalink
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Fort Myers | June 26 2010
We saw immediate improvement in our 7-month-old German Shepherd dog's behavior during our first two-hour lesson. We believe this program will improve our dog's behavior. Patrick explained the natural, pleasing Bark Busters techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. Permalink
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St. Johns | June 26 2010
AWESOME! Very interesting! It actually works! I have already passed out four flyers to friends! Permalink
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Jacksonville | June 26 2010
Everything was easy to understand. Pictures and diagrams were helpful for me as a visual learner. It was easy to understand and follow through. Permalink
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Shelton | June 25 2010
It was a great learning experience. Tom Toal was a very knowledgeable trainer. My dog and I learned a lot in the very first lesson. Permalink
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Weston | June 25 2010
I told my cousin that this week we were having a dog trainer come over to our house to help us train our puppy. She told me once again she felt that was a waste of money and laughed, asking if we hired the "dog whisperer." I just called her to let her know that was the best spent money ever. And that after the incredible change we have noticed in our puppy since this morning, that yes, I think the "dog whisperer" was here - LOL. All joking aside, my husband and I really are amazed at how quickly we saw results. Robin was extremely helpful, making us realize today that our frustrations with our puppy came from not knowing how to communicate with him and not having an understanding about dogs. This is our first dog, and we brought him home figuring it would be simple to care for him since we already had three cats. We were so frustrated with him, we had started thinking we made a mistake getting a dog. We had no idea how many things we were doing incorrectly but were amazed at how simple it is to correct them. We are truly impressed! Now that we know how to understand each other better, we are all much happier. :o) Thank you so much! We look forward to continuing to train Homer. Permalink
Louisville | June 24 2010
Doug was very patient and allowed me to practice the techniques until I was comfortable. Our dog responded well, as learning to think and act like a dog made perfect sense. I feel like we are on our way to having a happy and well-adjusted dog! Permalink