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Naples | March 28 2011
It was wonderful to see immediate positive results with our little Mia. Permalink
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Lodi | March 26 2011
Barbara is very enjoyable and explains the techniques so both Zoey and I know what to expect from each other. I was really impressed with the training sessions. I felt that Zoey is learning from them. Permalink
Denver | March 26 2011
I am amazed how well my dog is responding! Robin explained the training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. Results by the end of first training! Very pleased with the natural Bark Buster's techniques. The training was interesting and enjoyable and I will recommend Bark Busters to everyone. Permalink
Aurora | March 26 2011
Robin made the training enjoyable. Very pleased with Bark Busters and will recommend them to friends and neighbors! Permalink
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Happy Valley | March 26 2011
Dick was clear in his teaching - interesting and easy to understand. The dogs were already responding to some of the things they were shown. It's nice not having to have treats handy. In fact, I actually enjoyed my dogs and was proud of them. I've already recommended Bark Busters. Dick was really positive and encouraging. I was surprised and pleased he checked on us after a few days. Permalink
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Happy Valley | March 25 2011
Even our 16 year old son absorbed all of the information! I was happy to be able to include the whole family in training. I was shocked that our beagle exhibited all the signs of submissiveness before Dick left! We were looking for 'pain-free' training and Bark Busters fit the bill. No more doggie treats. We are still learning and feeling more confident as time goes on. I have already recommended Bark Busters to our family, friends and co-workers! Permalink
Goose Creek | March 25 2011
I love that the techniques are so simple...but more importantly they are not at all negative (pinning, yelling etc.) I think our family and our puppy Zoey are closer already! Permalink
Daniel Island | March 25 2011
Our dog is much happier and so are we! Bark Busters is great because the behavior changes have persisted. Permalink
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Jacksonville | March 25 2011
Linda made an excellent presentation. Wow! It was unbelievable the change in Bruno's behavior after the first session. We didn't want anything to cause stress in our Bruno so we were pleased with the training techniques. Linda Conrad has the ability to train humans and dogs (puppies). She was happy and you could tell that she loves her job as a trainer/therapist! Permalink
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Portland | March 25 2011
Dick explained the techniques very well. His easy going personality and excellent communication made it easy to follow and understand! 10 minutes into the hands-on training we both could not stop laughing and tearing up! - so pleased at the results! It was nice to not reward with food. We felt like we had a better understanding of Shadow 'the dog'. And we felt like he seemed to appreciate the 'new' relationship. The experience was very enjoyable! It made us so proud of Shadow. We've already recommended Bark Busters to family, friends and co-workers! Permalink